Watercolor Galaxy Profile Pocket Notebook DIY

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Watercolor Galaxy Profile Pocket Notebook DIY

Make the perfect pocket notebook that is customized for the owner with a watercolor galaxy profile. This slim notebook is great for art on the go. Fill it with sketching paper, watercolor paper or a mixed media paper for whatever medium you like. I'm sharing notebooks and journals all week--you can never have too many notebooks!

I learned this fun galaxy technique from a fellow Tombow Design Team member, Katie. She is the queen of galaxies! At the Tombow Design Summit I went to in January, she gave me a little notebook similar to this. I knew I had to make my own.

If you make one of your own, please post it on social media with the #doodlecraft so I can see it and share it!

Supplies Needed for Watercolor Galaxy Profile Pocket Notebook:

Profile sketch
Half Sheet of 80 lb. Colored Cardstock
12 Half Sheets of Paper (Folded in Half)
Sewing Machine

Or get this Tombow Creativity Kit for just about everything needed!

Begin by drawing your profile. I took a side view selfie of myself...and I was surprised to see how much my lips stick out. Haha. Anyway, then trace the outline. I used my ipad, but you can easily tape a piece of paper to your laptop screen and trace it.

I printed off my profile and then transferred it to watercolor paper using the Cricut BrightPad. 

Once traced in pencil it is ready to add all the fun.

Step 1 of Watercolor Galaxy:

Use the Tombow Glue Pen to draw stars, dots, etc all over the profile.

Step 2 of Watercolor Galaxy:

Now add the color to the image. Just scribble the lightest Dual Brush Pen color first.

Then add other colors and little spots of black around the edges.

Step 3 of Watercolor Galaxy:

Now use the Water Brush to blend colors, beginning with the lightest color and working it into the darker colors.

Then let the stunning watercolor galaxy dry completely.

Step 4 of Watercolor Galaxy Profile:

Now use the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to outline the profile.

Step 5 Turning Watercolor Galaxy Profile into Notebook:

Fold the half sheet of cardstock in half and the half sheets of paper in half. Cut out the profile with scissors, leaving a little white border.

Stack the cardstock and the paper together and use the sewing machine to stitch right down the center.

Fold the notebook in half on the sewn edge and score firmly on the spine.

Now use the Tombow Adhesive roller to adhere the profile to the notebook.

Finished! I think it's so fun! It is a great way to do a self portrait without needing to have a great amount of drawing skill. This would make a fun Summer camp craft (the books could be pre-sewn) or a great girls night craft!

These are my favorite colors! Blue, Pink and Purple. What color would you make your galaxy?

That's it!

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