Mermaid Scale Notebook DIY for MerMay

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Mermaid Scale Notebook DIY for MerMay

Happy MerMay! I can hardly believe that it's already May 2021...all of 2020 went by so slowly, but this year is cruising. Let's celebrate the month of May with this super mermaid scale notebook.

I love the whimsical watercolor of this notebook with the cool colors and fuchsia. This color combo totally reminds me of mermaids!

Supplies Needed for Mermaid Scale Notebook:

1/2 sheet of blue Cardstock
8 half sheets of copy paper
Piece of Watercolor Paper
Tombow Dual Brush Pens in 379, 407, 195, 676, 636
Sewing Machine

I used the Tombow Dual Brush Pens in 379, 407, 195, 676, 636 because they remind me of the Little Mermaid...that teal and purple combo. Pick any colors you love.

Draw Mermaid Scales:

Begin by using the Tombow Glue Pen and drawing scales on the watercolor paper. Start at the top of the page and work your way down to the bottom. Then let the glue dry completely.

Add the Color:
Now just add color with the Dual Brush Pens on the paper. You'll instantly see how the glue pens resist the color.

Wet it Down:

Now use the Water Brush to wet down the gorgeous colors! They will blend and bleed together slightly. I didn't tape my paper down, so it rolled up a little...but flattened out once it dried.

Now let the watercolor paper dry completely.

Make the Notebook:

Now cut the Mermaid Scale paper down to size to fit on the half sheet of blue paper folded in half.

Fold the cardstock and copy paper in half and fit them together like a book. Then use a sewing machine to sew a stitch down the center.

Then apply the Tombow Permanent Adhesive on the backside of the watercolor Mermaid Scale paper all around the edges and from corner to corner.

Then press the mermaid scales on the cover of the book. 

Now it's ready to throw in a tote and draw or take notes on the go. It's a fun craft and super simple for any age and any skill level. 

That's it!

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