How to Fix a Calligraphy Mistake with Tombow Sand Eraser

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How to Fix a Calligraphy Mistake with Tombow Sand Eraser

Have you ever worked on an ink project and made a huge mistake? Especially with hand lettering or calligraphy--you get this tunnel vision as you draw each letter and shape...and then boom--mistake! It's super frustrating to get through a project and realize there is an error.

I used gouache and a brush pen for these projects and realized they both had mistakes. Enter the star of the show: Tombow MONO Sand Eraser. 

This eraser is made for erasing ink, pen, and marker. This was my first time using it and I am sold!

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't. I accidentally wrote your instead of you. 

I just rubbed the MONO Sand Eraser on the gouache mistake and it rubbed it mostly up. 

It bleached out the black paper a little bit, but at least the quote is correct now.

My next mistake came while using gouache and an oblique calligraphy pen. I wrote the instead of this. 

I just needed to get the eraser in the little gap and eraser the loop of the e.

Looks just about flawless! At least I can post this now and feel confident with the words on the paper instead of knowing there's a big, obvious mistake.

I just give myself permission to suck...I find this hugely liberating. --John Green
Isn't this just the best quote to make a mistake on? I'm just giving myself permission to suck. I'm giving myself permission to fix my errors too. 

That's it--Fix those mistakes!

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