Simplified Greeting Cards with Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Ink Markers

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Simplified Greeting Cards with Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Ink Markers

Simplified greeting cards are easy to make and super cute! I love making handmade cards to have on hand to use throughout the year. These cute cards are colored with Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Ink Markers. Alcohol ink markers blend together wonderfully! I received the markers from Tombow as part of their design team. Affiliate links included.

I love handmade cards. The first handmade card I received was around April 2007 when I got my tonsils out. My cute friend Jodi brought one to me and I loved it. I was so impressed that she made it and I just had to learn how. It was a big craze back then! 

Everyone was making cards. I made a bunch of cards and even sold a bunch on ebay. I totally needed the money, so it was a great side hustle when my babies were little. The last few years, card making has taken a back seat for me. I have loads of rubber stamps still but haven't busted them out until recently when my desire to color returned. Consequently, my desire to color came back right when Tombow released these new markers! I love using them.

Make a stack of simplified greeting cards to give as a gift or have on hand for those last minute events that come up. These cards are made with rubber stamps, but you can draw your own images for the perfect one-of-a-kind cards.

Supplies Needed:

White Cardstock Cards (1/2 sheets of paper folded in half)
Rubber Stamps with coloring book-like images

Begin by inking up the rubber stamp with black ink and then stamp it on the folded card.

Repeat for as many stamp images as you like. Or use the Tombow Drawing Pens and doodle your own images to color. 

Once stamped or drawn they are ready to add some color.

Pick out the colors of Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Ink Markers for each card. You can color them as simply or complex as you desire. I picked super simple coloring for these to add to the simplicity of making these cards.

I love using the brush tip on the Tombow ABT Pro Alcohol Ink Markers. Alcohol ink spreads a little more than a waterbased marker. Practice on a scrap paper so you can account for the amount of spreading. Then use the brush tip and color the cute images.

I didn't blend any of the colors on this card. Just bright green for the frog and yellow-green for the spots and tummy. Feel free to use a few more shades of green and add highlights and shadows.

The flower is a little more complex using 2 shades of pink to add shadow and highlights. The rest of the cards are super simple coloring. It's very relaxing to color but I love making them into cards--it feels more useful than just sticking them on the fridge. 

That's it!

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If you are ready for some more complex coloring, check out this handmade card! It's so fun to color the hair with bright highlights.
Tombow recently released the ABT PROs, a line of alcohol ink markers and they are fantastic! Alcohol ink markers are amazing. They are not great for hand lettering...but they are excellent for blending. They blend flawlessly with no marker streak lines left behind. They are super pigmented and come in an array of colors. They come in very pale colors too, which is awesome for light skin tones, hair, or just little details.

Have you ever made handmade cards? Have you used Alcohol Ink Markers? What are your favorite stamps or techniques? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Unknown said…
I've been making cards for over ten years now and I never get tired of making them. I love to color so rubber and acrylic stamps are fun to use. I also use dies, die cuts, Dazzles from Hot Off The Press, paper flowers, the list goes on. If anyone wants to try but is leery take a chance. You might love it.