Mini Paper Purse Treat Favors with Tombow

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Mini Paper Purse Treat Favors with Tombow

Hi friends, today I am sharing how to make a darling purse treat favor in just a few easy steps. These little purses are so cute and would make a great party invitation, party favor, place setting at the table or little handout. The best part–these are a super quick craft that you can probably make with things you already have! 

I’ll take you through the process and cue you into some alternatives you could use. I used colored paper for this craft, but coloring your own paper with Tombow Markers be awesome! These could be made with a recycled cereal box or other thick paper you have in the recycling bin.

Supplies Needed for Mini Purse Chocolate Favors:

Colored cardstock paper (cut 5 X 1 3/8 inches)

Paper yarn or twine or Pipe Cleaners



Hershey’s chocolates

Step 1 Scoring Paper:

Begin by scoring the paper at the 1.5 inch, 2.5 inch and the 4 inch marks. Mark the paper with the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil on each side. Line the ruler up across the paper from mark to mark and score the line.

If you don’t have a scoring tool, use the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil without the graphite pushed out.

Step 2 Mark the Holes:

Secondly, use the MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil to mark the places to punch holes for the purse handles.

Then punch the holes with the small hole punch. If you don’t have a small hole punch, use a push pin to poke the holes in the paper.

Step 3 Tie the Mini Purse Handle:

Thread the black twine through the holes and tie a square knot inside the fold. Then trim the excess twine. This is a paper twine that is stiff enough to keep its shape.

Next, pull the twine through the top of the purse with the knot hidden underneath.

Step 4 Hole Punch for the Brad:

Now fold up the paper on the score lines and fold over the purse flap. Then, mark with a pencil on the center where the brad will be secured. Punch it with the small hole punch.

Step 5 Tape in the Chocolate:

Now use the Tombow MONO Adhesive Dots and apply the adhesive to the base of the purse.

Then, press the Hershey’s chocolate right on the adhesive.

Step 6 Secure with the Brad:

Now, fold over the purse flap to line up the punched hole and insert the metallic brad. Then pull the prongs apart to secure the flap in place. If you don’t have any brads, use the MONO Adhesive Dots roller to secure it and draw a little button on the front with a MONO Drawing Pen.

Repeat for all the mini purse favors you are making!

Step 7 Now Decorate!

Hand letter names with a Fudenosuke Brush Pen for adorable place settings or a cute Mother’s Day hand out. Use the MONO Drawing Pen to doodle floral designs all over the little purses. You could also color soft florals with the Irojiten Colored Pencils. Let your creativity soar and personalize the mini purses to your hearts content!

That's it!

Now you have adorable handouts, party favors, place settings or little gifts. 

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