25 DIY Birthday Party Ideas + More!

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25 DIY Birthday Party Ideas + More!

I love the new year!  Part of it is the fresh starts and new beginnings...but more importantly is that my birthday is in January!  When I was little I asked my mom when my birthday was...she told me it was after Christmas.  I took it literally to mean the day after Christmas.  When I told my aunt that I was born the day after Christmas, she immediately let me know that I was wrong.  

I confronted my mom and was a little upset that she didn't trust me to know my actual birthday.  Haha, it's January 23rd, nearly a month after Christmas.  Anyway, I love celebrating my birthday and typically start the celebrations on January 1st, and celebrate ALL. MONTH. LONG.   

I love parties.  Here's 25 awesome party ideas for all your party needs during 2019!  Which party looks like the most fun to you???

It's so fun to have a tropical party during a cold month!

The most Epic Party for kids!

Best party in all of time and space!

This party is Magical!
Wishing on a Death Star!

The Cake is a lie...???

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom!

Fortuna Major!
Ultimate backyard bash!

Total classic!

Plus all the edible cookie dough recipes!

Born in the 80's?  This party is for you!

Make any day a little more fun with this simple banner!

Link is the star of the show!

Super spies unite!

Building and crafting the best party!

Timey Wimey!

Sparkly and Warm!

For the perfect princess!

One lump or two?

Make any party cooler with this spinner prize wheel!

Which one is your favorite?

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