Doctor Who Party Week!

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6:00 AM
 Doctor Who Party Week!!!
 Alright, so myself and the children of time had a very 
Timey-Wimey Birthday party for that little 5 year old Time Lord.
Oh yes, he is rockin' that Vortex Manipulator!
 We invited friends and dressed the part!
Best of all, like all my parties, we used a "rock what you got"
 approach and kept it on a tight budget!
 Walk through the untempered schism to enter the party!
We had a table full of Ood Food!
Here's the fun dessert table!
Timey-Wimey Cupcakes, Fish fingers and custard, 
Jelly babies...
 Adipose baby pops and Dalek Ship Cookies!
 Fish Fingers and Custard!

 Sonic Screwdrivers too!
 And that's just the dessert!

We had Fish and Chips and some snacks too!
All given fabulous names!
  We decorated with things that are quite cool.
 Hello Sweetie!

 We had loads of games and props!
 The last human, Cassandra made an appearance!
 We emptied out all the furniture in the room
 so we had a place to play games!
 A Smilers Booth!
The Pandorica Opens inspired canvas paintings!
Balloons and streamers and a Darling Dalek!
Balloon Popping Dart board...
 And, at the end of the night, we actually did 
punch holes in the Fabric of Time!
I will have all the details on my blog this week!
Everything from the games, food, recipes, cosplay ideas, and more!
Way too much to fit into one day...everyday this week!


Doctor Who themed FOOD for party
Doctor Who themed GAMES for party
Doctor Who themed CLOTHES for party
Doctor Who themed DECORATIONS for party

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Unknown said…
OMG!! Love the pin the face on Cassandra game!! So creative!