Portal Video Game Birthday Party!

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 Portal Video Game Birthday Party!
Have you played Portal or Portal 2?
They are big hits in my family...so we did a combined birthday party for my brother and son.
Portal themed.
 I must confess, I haven't played the game.
I like video games...but I like crafting geekery more.
I used block posters (it's free) to make a big GladOS picture
of a drawing I just took off the internet...so don't copy me!
 Hung it on the wall with painters tape.
My printer is out of ink, so the ink was light green.
I outlined the entire thing with black sharpie markers.
 We made some Aperture Science motivational posters,
because we can.
Complete with Cave Johnson.
 For the backdrop, I cut 2 inch strips of plastic table cloths...
 And we pulled them gently...down both edges...
 to look puffy, like propulsion, repulsion and compulsion gel!
 And hung them with command hooks.
Just used silhouettes of the portals and mounted them on cardstock and made a simple
Happy Birthday bunting sign!
 Then, filled the table with food!
 At first, the cake was a lie.
 But then the cake came!
 We named all the food funny things.
 Complete with combustible lemon squares,
mantis meat,
spheres, gel and more!
 It was such a fun party!
My brothers did a voice production that had fabulous subtle insults,
just like in the game.
"we weren't even testing that"
 And the layered cake was great!
 It was a fabulous party.
You monster.
Portal parties are the best!

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