Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Party!

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The New Spongebob Movie comes out on February 6th!
We love Spongebob.
I guess I should say that I love Spongebob.
I have since before my kids were born...I bought all the seasons...I just like him.
People are usually not "on the fence" when it comes to Spongebob.
People either love him or they want him to die in a fiery explosion!
(due to the carelessness of a friend)
We love him.
My son was turning 6 and my 10 year old daughter was put in charge of his
Spongebob Squarepants Birthday Party!
First...she found this gray sponge and painted it!
 She was also in charge of the cake.
We bought a lemon cake and lemon frosting (good thing, since Mr. 6 is allergic to chocolate)
 She baked the cake and let it cool.
We sliced the top of it off so it would lay flat...
but actually decorated the underside of it.
 We added a few drops of yellow food coloring to the store bought frosting...
and spread it on.
 After doing the top and sides we let it sit a few minutes.
 Then she piped on light green holes.
(Why this good sir is a hole...you see, I am a sponge...)
 Added white frosting eyes and shirt...
and yes, chocolate frosting pants.
We added red food coloring to the chocolate frosting to make the tie.
Then we melted black candy melts for the outlines.
 And just piped on the belt...and outlined his spongy shape...
Eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth, freckles...
 And then filled in his teeth!
The cake looked great with the rest of the candy spread!
Miss 10 also blew up and drew on all the balloons!
 We got some cheap cups and filled them with the party favors!
 And we had a "Build your own Krabby Patty" Bar!
 Complete with directions for building a "Crying Johnny!"
(with extra onions)

 We also labeled little treats with Spongebob related names.
 And for party games,
Miss 10 set up Plankton Toss!
She decorated a pom pom with one eye and labeled the Chum bucket
 She decorated with handmade bunting and coloring book pages...
as well as big puffy cloud flowers!
It was a huge success!
I love it that I have a little budding party planner...and she made her little brother's day so special!
It's great to get siblings involved...service equals love.
My birthday is in 2 days...can't wait to see what she has planned for me!
Are you a Spongebob lover or hater?
Will you be seeing the movie on the 6th?

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Maufeline said…

Such a great party, and a very talented Miss 10! I love this so much!

I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.... ;-) that I don't fit the profile, though- I don't really like Spongebob Squarepants, but I don't hate it either....

My Mr 9 loves to help with the birthdays of his siblings, but I never thought of letting him prepare a whole party. I think he can do it for his younger brother, he turns 5 in october (and Mr 9 will be Mr 10 until then ;-) )
I loved that he created the goodie bags for his sisters frozen party- he drew Olaf on all of them =) Bummer that I forgot to take a picture of these...

Oh, and happy birthday to Mr6!