Princess Party of Epic proportions!

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10:00 AM
It's a Princess Party!
For my daughters 8th birthday we did a 
fancy Princess Party.
We decorated the entry way, family room
 and dining room to the hilt!
I used my silhouette to cut out lace lanterns
(Rapunzel's floating lantern place cards)

Cupcakes, treats, chocolate strawberries and cake pops!

Yellow, Teal and Pink!
The tulle was leftovers from a wedding
--my sis-in-law gave me.  Thanks!
Free, right?
Ginormous paper roses, hung on the ceiling!
Just made from cheap lightweight paper I've had for years!
Pretty cake stands, pinwheels and flowers everywhere!
Everything shiny, sparkly, fancy and crystally...
out as decoration!
Cheap table cloth, paper products and plasticware...
Makes for easy cleanup!
My daughter wanted to make "bake pops"
She loved doing this!
A pretty mini cupcake liner is the 
perfect princess serving size!
I bought some super cheap candy
(75% off candy after Easter)
 no one complained!
Clusters of balloons, tulle balls and tissue paper
 balls strung around the rooms.
Cupcakes with a swirl!
Baked in a white wrapper, then set in a striped 
wrapper for ultimate cuteness!

These hanging paper hearts and
 lanterns were leftovers 
from another friends birthday party...she was just 
cleaning up and we snagged them! 
 Reuse, Recycle...right?
Pennant banners cut from my Silhouette Cameo
Princess pinwheels for dinner...and lots of treats!
(confession: there were only celery sticks and carrots leftover...)
Gift basket "thank-you's" for all the girls!
A friend of mine gave me tons of 
Hallmark Disney Princess stuff.  Thanks!
Perfect and free!  :)
The baskets were set out, so the girls could put their 
crafts and projects we made into the baskets...
keep all their stuff in one place!
For the gift baskets, I spent $2 per girl.  $16--not bad!
Picture frame photo booth for a keepsake.
We printed out 4 by 6 photo's and included 
them in a thank-you note for each girl.
This was by far, the best birthday party
 celebration we have had!
I love having a girl!  :)
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Charlotte said…
What a great princess party. I don't know many little girls that wouldn't love to have a party like this. Even a 'big girl' like me! :-)
Anne Peay said…
well, i was feeling so good about my ability to pull off a pretty good party for burk this weekend but you just put me to shame. i spent $1 for party gifts for eqauling $15 and all it was, was a tube of bubbles from the dollar store. but, you do inspire and everyone loves the burk sign you made for me, so thanks!

AWESOME put together, couldn't have been cuter!
Annie Rose said…
Gorgeous party set up, Nat! It's fabulous! I bet the girls just loved it. I would have! :)

Annie Rose
Melissa Gurcan said…
This is fantastic. I am crazy for the tissue and tulle flowers.
Anonymous said…
This is beautiful!
My little girl is turning 4 in september and asked me to throw her a princess party. I live in Germany and since i don't like what'S available, i am doing most of the stuff myself (i'm turning into a monkey). Will snap some of your ideas :)

Just a question, what should I do for two boys? i mean two guests. Should i just give them princess stuff or do something different? I'm not quite sure.
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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