Minecraft Birthday Party Food!

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6:00 AM
 Minecraft Week!
Birthday Party and Crafting Table for Dessert!
What's a party without themed food?
We made a "Build Your Own Dirt Cup" Crafting Table!
 The most important part was square shaped pops!
So we made a tray of rice crispy treats.

 cut them into cubes...
 And then rolled marshmallow fondant all around them!
 My daughter loved this part!
 We made them look like creepers, dirt blocks and blue things...lapiz lazuli maybe?
We used a small paint brush and black food coloring to paint on the creepers faces.
 Added sticks and stuck them into styrofoam blocks covered with brown paper.
 Easy and cute!
 Added to a huge spread of desserts!
As long as things are labeled, you can get away with serving anything!
 Dinner was sandwiches and snacks...

 as well as sardines and cooked snails...for the brave.
 Jello cubes, grapes, carrots...

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