Lego Minifigure Blind Bag Wrappers Upcycled Hairbow!

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Lego Blind Bag Wrappers Upcycled Hairbow!

     I love Lego Minifigures!  I love the surprise of opening the mylar package and seeing what's inside.  I've stood in the store feeling up bags for hours trying to find the one I want.  Have you ever done that?  Stand in the toy aisle squeezing mylar bags to try and guess what's inside them...?  The blind bags themselves typically get tossed in the trash and discarded...but this time I decided to do a quick upcycle project.  This Lego Movie themed bow is the perfect thing to pin in your hair or on a tote bag.  Hot glue a minifigure right in the center for added fun!

Supplies Needed for the Bow:

4 LEGO Blind Bag Packages (enjoy the toy but save the bags)

minifigure series 18

Lego movie minifigures

Thick Thread
Alligator Hair Clip
Red 5/8" ribbon
Hot Glue/gun

     You will need 4 Lego Blind Bag packages.  I received these from Lego in exchange for this post.  Did you see the Lego Movie 2?  We went as a family and loved it.  I loved the songs and the fun plot twists.  
     My kids love helping me open them.  They are just as excited as I am to see which character is hidden inside.  We open one package at a time, carefully but cutting the melted part right off the top.  Minifigures are my favorite part of any Lego set.  I buy entire expensive sets just for the little minifigs!  I love the sets that include 15 minifigures!
Like this one:



     Not only are these LEGO sets fun, but we've figured out a great system for storing and keeping minifigures.  It keeps all the minifigure parts in one place for easy fun playtime.  Check out this "Create a LEGO Character" post:

 These are the cute little LEGO minifigs I found in my blind bags:
     I love that Watermelon guy!  And I was super excited to see that little Benny!  It would be fun to get all the Wizard of Oz set.  Open the mylar bags with scissors and cut straight across the top to keep them in good shape for this bow.  

Gather the Bow:

Begin by accordion folding the sealed edge of the blind bag.
Then hot glue the folds together right at the bottom.

Wrap the Bow:

Then wrap a thread around gathered end and tie off the thread.
Repeat for all 4 blind bags.

Glue Together:

Then layer and hot glue the 4 bags together and then wrap tightly with thread.

Tie Bow:

     Then use the ribbon to make a gathered bow.  For more details on making this ribbon bow, check out this post.
Then hot glue the red ribbon bow right on top of the Lego blind bags.
Then use one last piece of ribbon to wrap around the bow and blind bags.
Then hot glue the alligator clip on the backside of the bow.

That's it!  

Now it's ready to make a giant statement in your hair!
     I love Lego products and I love finding creative ways to use their packaging.  Check out this post on using Lego boxes as postcards.
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