LEGO Minifigure Create-a-Character Station!

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LEGO Minifigure Create-a-Character Station!

I love Lego so much, but if I am totally honest, I really just love the Minifigures!  The little minifigs are adorable and add the real value to the big sets.  This is what I gave to my kids (15, 13, and 9) for Christmas last year.  It has provided hours and hours of fun entertainment!  We build minifigs to represent our family (pictured)...and even the current shows we are watching.  My kids friends think it's amazing too--they can spend hours of creative, imaginative play!
The mini-figure characters are easy to build and put together, the pieces are smooth and click into place effortlessly.  This minifigure station makes it a blast to assemble the perfect mini-figs whenever you feel like it. This also doubles as a great way to store the pieces when not in use.  Let's get started!

Here's what you will need: (affiliate links)

Sterilite 5 Drawers

Then you just need a bunch of Lego Minifigures!  If you already have a big collection of sets, great!  If you need to bulk up your mini-fig collection, these 2 sets are awesome.

Lego Fun at the Beach

Lego Outdoor Adventures

Plus, LEGO sells bricks by the piece in their "Pick a Brick" section and you can get heads, hair, torso, legs and all the accessories!  They are an inexpensive way to get a bunch of different parts.
The top drawer is filled with minifigure accessories...anything they would hold in their hand or capes, etc. Also, any extra arms or hands tossed in this section.
Next level is filled with everything that fits on a minifig head.  Oops, there's pants and a head in there!  Helmets, hats, hair!
Next level is filled with heads!  I bought a bunch of female faces from the pick-a-brick section because they are harder to come by.
Next drawer is packed full of torso's and hands.
Last drawer is full of all the pants.
That's it!  They are easy to slide out and look for certain pieces for the ultimate character figure.  My kids--even teenagers--have loved spending time creatively building their friends, family, bands, and tv show stars.  It's way too fun!
The coolest thing is, see my hubby there in the back middle?  He has brown sweater just like that.
Just disassemble minifigures when you are sick of stepping on them or cleaning them off counters. They are easily stored for creative play later.  I'm telling you.  Best. Gift. Ever.
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