Avengers End Game Zentangle Coloring Page with Tombow

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 Avengers End Game Zentangle Coloring Page with Tombow

     "You're embarrassing me in front of the wizards" --Tony Stark.  This was my favorite line from Avengers: Infinity War.  I used my Ipad Pro and the Procreate App to write it out in brush lettering...then I doodled around it with some Avenger logos and symbols...and some doodles.  

I love the combination of the cartoon logo feel and the fancy lettering...plus the silly quote!  Are you excited for the next installment of The Avengers...Endgame?  We are, although we haven't bought tickets yet.

Do you like coloring books?  For me it totally depends on the picture.  If it's too intricate and ornate, it's too much work for me.  I like big pictures with cartoony outlines.  I decided to design one of my own!  I love the combination of hand lettering and the patterns and icons.

Doesn't it look fabulous!?  Get the FREE printable at this link!

You'll also love these colored pencils.  They are smooth and soft...perfect for shading and blending.  Tombow's colored pencils are amazing.  They come in a 24 color pack with a broad range of colors for blending.

They arrive sharpened and have a roll up case for easy storage and use.  Great for traveling too.

There's enough shades of colors that they can be blended beautifully.  There is extra room in the roll up case for a pen, pencil, or marker...like a colored Fudenosuke marker or two.

Wrap them up tightly and toss in a bag for easy travel and coloring on the go.  Great for traveling around town or on an international trip.  Just pair it with a great notebook and you are good to go.  This dot grid book from Tombow is excellent!

Now, print off the image and start coloring.  I used 32 pound paper, so it's a little thicker than copy paper...and much smoother.  Just regular ink from a deskjet is all it takes to get to coloring.

Then curl up and start coloring.  There's enough images that it's fun to color...but few enough that you can actually finish it in one sitting.  I like quick coloring pages...like I mentioned earlier, I do not want intricate details and tiny patterns to color.  

Color Captain America's shield in patriotic colors, Black Widow's symbol, the Hulk's gamma logo in shades of green, Spiderman's spider, Doctor Strange's amulet again in green, Hawkeye's target in classic purple, Ironman's Arc Reactor in glowy blue, Thor's Hammer in brown and silver, and other fun little details.

If you do end up coloring this page, take a picture and send it to me or share and tag @doodlecraft!  I'd love to see all the colorful variations!  I'll do a whole post with all the coloring pages!  Please send me a picture, email tab on the right sidebar.  I'll be your best friend.  Seriously BFF's forever.

Use a paper cutter to cut off the paper edges.

My piece turned out 7X7 inches and I framed it in an 8X8 frame.  Just trim and mount on black paper and then framed.

I love it!  It's a fun little super hero piece to hang on a wall.  Awesome, right!  Perfect project while waiting for the release of Endgame!

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Ang Paris said…
This is amazing!! Literally printing this right now for my daughter. :)