Lego Unikitty Puppycorn Pixel Wall Art with Free Patterns!

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Lego Unikitty Puppycorn Pixel Wall Art with Free Patterns!

Have you watched the new Unikitty cartoon?  We, as in my entire family--dad included, love it!  It's animation is adorable.  Unikitty is voiced by Tara Strong (who also does my favorite old school Powerpuff Girl Bubbles voice--and Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).  So it is awesome.  It is funny and witty, great one-liners, and amazing songs and best of all--Lego!  They pop apart like Lego pieces, you'll see bricks in the background...and the sensible character around the castle is a 2X4 gray brick named Richard.  It is a super cartoon based off of The Lego Movie, Unikitty from Cloud Cuckoo land.
Well, with that introduction--here's my post!  Unikitty Lego sets were not a thing until this month!  So we had to improvise.  We did this early in the summer.  Unikitty and Puppycorn pixelated wall art!  I printed out a pixelated picture of Unikitty and Puppycorn and had my 14 year old daughter recreate them.  She is super artistic and has the vision.  Plus, she is SO GOOD at finding the exact needed Lego pieces in a sea of pieces.
You will need:
32X32 stud Lego Baseplate in blue and green


And then basically all the colored pieces to fill in!  Haha!
I recommend getting a couple creative sets like these:

And those won't have enough black pieces, so a bunch of these too:




If you have a big stash of Lego pieces, chances are high you'll have what you need...or can make it work with some creativity and mixed colors!  Give it a try!
To make this easier for you, here's a graphed out image you can print to follow along!  This would also work as a cross-stitch pattern...but if you make one--PLEASE send me a picture!
Perfectly pixelated Unikitty!
Same thing with the Puppycorn.  All 8-bit and ready to print!
What is your Lego stash like?  Do you have totes of pieces?  Or complete put-together sets?
Then put on some Unikitty cartoons and get building!  Here's pictures of my daughter creating ours.

She did such a great job translating a photo into a pixel wall art!
After a couple hour break, she dove right into creating Unikitty!
Lots of work figuring out the best way to make the horn and eyelashes.
Nailed it!
Are you overwhelmed by that awesome art!?
Fear not, Lego has answered all our Unikitty prayers with these ADORABLE Lego sets!  I received the Party Time set and 5 blind bags...unfortunately, 4 of the blind bags were the same Puppycorn.  Oh well--that is the fun of blind bags!
Right when we dumped out the pieces, I saw that cute Unikitty face!
The Unikitty from the Cloud Cuckoo Palace set was cute...see the Unikitty on the right.  But the Unikitty minifigure from Party Time is so much cuter!

Plus, the neck attachment piece is much better than a simple the head stays on better.

Much tighter fit for longer lasting Unikitty!  Yay!

Basically this is what my life is like.  We sit on the floor, with a blanket...watching Unikitty cartoons and put Lego sets together...all together.  And we decorate using Lego pieces...can you spot them around the TV?  Yes, old school Nintendo's too--one works!  Kids think it's cool when adults play Lego with them!
I'd say that Princess Unikitty and Prince Puppycorn are pleased with the Party Time Lego set!  I love that little Hawkadile!!!  He's my favorite!
Of course, Master Frown is in the background looking suspicious, like he's going to wreck the party.  This is a really fun, brightly colored Lego set and didn't take long to put together.
Here's our cute blind bags!
And since we don't have an official Richard yet, Unikitty is just going to chill on this gray 2X4 brick!  I love it!  Well, if you haven't watched the Unikitty cartoon--watch it now!
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