Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts

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Cricut Projects for Homemade Gifts

Cricut Machine makes it easy to add personal touches to homemade gifts. Homemade gifts are the pinnacle of the holidays for me. 

I love giving things that have a homemade element or personalized touch. It just goes that extra mile to say "I thought of you enough to add my time into this gift". 

Cricut Maker 3 Bundle with EasyPress too--this bundle makes it easy to get started creating things to give as gifts or things to sell!

Every year for Christmas, I make my kids give each other homemade gifts. It takes the focus away from the gifts they are excited to GET to the gifts they are excited to GIVE. 

It is a beautiful part of the holiday season that I just love.

Get a Cricut Machine for the holidays or get one early and make things for the holidays!

Don't have a Cricut MachineCheck out this post here for everything you need to know before buying a Cricut!

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If you have a machine but just need project inspiration, this is the place!

I use my Cricut Machine nearly daily and love it! I favor the Maker for sure, and will put the Maker 3 in my permanent desk position. 

Personalizing gifts can be done easily with any of the Cricut machine varieties. The Cricut Joy has a card making mat, that make handmade gits a breeze! 

Cricut Machines
Cricut Maker 3 or Cricut Maker

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Any crafter would be thrilled to have their stocking or boxes wrapped under the tree filled with Cricut products! Yes please!

I'll take iron-on vinyl in foil and holographic, Infusible Ink and all the colorful pens!

Here's 10 gift categories for the perfect homemade gifts for the holidays using Cricut:

#1 Tumblers and Water bottles:

Everyone loves a water bottle or cool tumbler. Add some vinyl for the perfect personalization and make a great handmade gift! Here's 2 varieties of tumblers you can make:

Personalized Tumblers with Vinyl

This project just uses the standard cutting blade and adhesive vinyl. This is a project that any of the Cricut cutting machines can handle. It's a great personalized item that everyone will love.

Cricut gift ideas! Personalize tumblers with names in vinyl using the Cricut cutting machine. Any Cricut machine can cut vinyl for the perfect handmade touch on a gift.

Resin Tumbler with Vinyl and Glitter

Adding custom vinyl to a tumbler is awesome...but adding glitter and resin to it is even more extra! If you are feeling adventurous, give this one a try!

Cricut gift ideas! Make a resin tumbler with glitter and custom cut vinyl using the cricut machine

#2 Infusbile Ink Mugs:

Custom mugs that are dishwasher and microwave safe are awesome! Perfect for neighbor or teacher gifts paired with a package of hot chocolate and a gift card! Here's 2 varieties for Infusible Ink Mug Making! One using a Cricut Mug Press and one done in the oven.

Infusible Ink Mugs with Cricut Mug Press

Make dishwasher and microwave safe mugs using Infusible Ink Transfers and any of the Cricut cutting Machines.

Cricut gift ideas! Learn how to make Infusible Ink or sublimation mugs with the Cricut Mug Press

Don't have a MUG PRESS???

Infusible Ink Mugs made using the Oven

If you don't have a Cricut Mug Press, you can still use Infusible Ink to create amazing custom mugs! Just a couple supplies and the oven will do the trick!

Cricut gift ideas! Make a dishwasher and microwave safe mug in the oven using Cricut Infusible Ink transfers.

#3 Shirts, Tote Bags or Pillowcases:

Shirts and totes are such a classic project--pillowcases work too! They are easy to customize and quick to make. They are a great gift for kids to help with so they can give something homemade to their friends or siblings. Here's 4 great posts for shirts and tote inspiration! 

Iron-on Shirt

An iron-on shirt is the perfect project for beginners to experts alike. Everyone loves a custom shirt. Great technique for costumes, tote bags, pillowcases and more!

Cricut gift ideas! How to use the Cricut machine and iron-on vinyl for the perfect shirts, totes, pillowcases and costumes.

The seamless finish on an Infusible ink shirt is awesome! It's machine washable and doesn't lift or peel ever. This is a showstopping shirt that people are amazing that it's homemade! Must be 100% polyester material for best results with Infusible Ink.

Cricut craft ideas! Use Cricut infusible ink transfers to make a gorgeous seamless shirt for the perfect homemade gift.

Infusible Ink Tote Bag

This seamless finish is divine! Smooth and instantly infused ink into the fabric makes this a really amazing homemade gift that people will be astonished you made!

Easy Cricut Projects to sell! Make an infusible ink tote bag using the Cricut and Cricut EasyPress. Great handmade gift idea...or Cricut business product to sell.

Iron-on Vinyl Tote Bag

Use any Cricut Machine to cut the iron-on vinyl in reverse and then use the EasyPress to adhere it to the tote for the perfect gift! Here's a great set of totes on Amazon.

Cricut gift ideas! Make a tote bag with the Star Wars squad goals using the Cricut Maker, EasyPress and iron-on vinyl.

#4 Front Door Mats:

Aw, nothing more fun for the neighbors or family than a custom funny door mat. These are easy to make and fairly inexpensive! Get a blank coir rug like this at Walmart for about $6...or get one in 2 days on Amazon.

Stenciled Door Mat

Stenciled door mats are fun to make and work with any of the Cricut cutting will just take a little more work using the Joy, because of size.
Just need Freezer Paper for the perfect stencil, get Freezer Paper here for cheap!

Cricut gift ideas! Stencil a door mat with freezer paper and any Cricut cutting machine. Front porch mat, door mat, rug, coir rug, coir mat...whatever you call it, people love them personalized!

#5 Ornaments:

Custom ornaments are so much fun! Make them with vinyl or engrave acrylic with the engraving tool. Here's some ideas--great homemade gifts for grandparents too!

Grinch Face Fillable Ornament:

Add a face, name or any adhesive vinyl to a fillable ornament for a keepsake or homemade gift.

Make a grinch face ornament or keepsake using Cricut adhesive vinyl.

Acrylic Ornaments made 3 ways:

Make acrylic ornaments using the Cricut Maker and the engraving tool. Or cut vinyl and adhere it directly to the acrylic.

3 things to do with a Cricut! How to make acrylic Christmas tree ornaments 3 different ways. Calligraphy and paint, adhesive vinyl cut with the Cricut or engraved with the Cricut Maker.

Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments:

This vinyl is adorable but a delicate weeding process. These are stunning and make a great homemade gift. Could be for a newlywed couple as a "first Christmas" keepsake.

what all can you make with a cricut? Make Rae Dunn inspired ornaments for the Christmas tree or homemade gift using the Cricut cutting machine and adhesive vinyl.

Acrylic Keychains

Engraving acrylic blanks is a blast using the Cricut Maker! These make great keychains, zipper pulls, Christmas tree ornaments or even jewelry. The Cricut Maker is the only machine family with the capability of using the Engraving tool.

Start a Cricut business, pronounced Cricket, from home today! Learn how to engrave acrylic blanks on the Cricut Maker for keychains, gift tags, jewelry and personalized a great selling item!

#6 Wall Art/Vinyl Signs:

Get a scrap piece of wood from the garage or the curb and add some vinyl for a one of a kind homemade gift! Cutting vinyl with any of the Cricut machines is the simplest craft and makes such a big impact. Here's a couple ideas--but the sky is the limit!

Grogu (The Child) Wood Cut Out

This cute little wood cut out is a fun piece of wall art and would make a really unique homemade gift!

Mandalorian the Child Grogu vinyl wall art cutout sign. Use the Cricut Maker to make geek inspired crafts, wall art and even projects to sell.

Vinyl Hello Sign

Make some wall art or shelf decor piece with vinyl and a scrap piece of wood. Add felt flowers for fun too!

Cricut ideas! Add vinyl and felt flowers to a scrap piece of wood painted white and you have a homemade gift to please anyone.

#7 Cards:

Homemade cards are a great gift for someone that has everything. They are easy to make a bunch of and tie with a ribbon in a stack. They can be a variety of occasions; birthday, thank you's, just because, sympathy, baby and wedding and blanks. This is so meaningful because the recipient will think of you all year long as they reach for cards to give others.

Foil Kit Holiday Cards

Adding foil to a card or project is so much fun. The Foil Transfer Kit uses a no-heat way to apply shimmer foil to projects. The Foil Transfer Kit works with the Cricut Maker and Explore Air families.

Cricut crafts to make and sell. How to use the Cricut Foil Transfer Kit to make holiday cards

#8 Etched Dishes or Mugs:

Etch Glass Dishes

Etching glass is a fun way to customize a glass dish or mug. Use any Cricut cutting machine to cut a stencil in vinyl. 

Great Cricut crafts to make to sell. Etch Glass with custom names or sayings using Cricut stencils and etching cream.

Etched Glass Mugs:

Etching Mugs is a fun way to personalize a gift! This etched mugs is safe in the dishwasher. It's a fun way to make a homemade gift for the entire family or neighbor family.

Start a Cricut crafting business and sell personalized items. Etched Glass Mugs using Cricut Adhesive vinyl and etching cream. Makes a great homemade gift.

#9 Wreaths or Decorations:

Home decor and wreaths make a great homemade gift for family and friends. Get creative with vinyl, iron-on or paper and impress your recipient with something they will be thrilled with!

Hogwarts Banner:

Make a custom bunting or banner with any iron-on design you want! This Harry Potter inspired bunting is a great homemade gift for a Potter Geek!

Things to make with a Cricut. Make a Harry Potter Hogwarts bunting banner using Cricut Maker, Iron on vinyl, Cricut Easy Press and felt.

3D Paper Flower Wreath:

Make a wreath for home or seasonal decor as a stunning homemade gift that looks like a labor of love...but is a piece of cake with the Cricut Maker.

Cricut DIY projects are the Best! Make a wreath with stunning 3D paper flowers cut with the Cricut Maker

#10 Stickers or Magnets:

Print and Cut Stickers

Make custom stickers using a color printer and any of the Cricut cutting machines. 

Start a Cricut Business (pronounced like Cricket) from home. How to make print and cut stickers with the Cricut machine using printable sticker sheets.

Print and Cut Magnets:

Take your sticker making one step further with magnets! These fun magnets are easy to make and are a great homemade gift for that person who has everything!

What all can you make with a Cricut? The sky is the limit. Learn how to make magnets with the Cricut machine and magnet sheets.

What homemade gifts are you working on for the holidays?

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