100 Cricut Projects to Sell to Make Money with Cricut Maker

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This post is 100% my opinion highlighting all things Cricut.  Affiliate links included, by purchasing on my links, I make a small % of commission.  Thank you!  It's what keeps these crafts-a-coming!

100 Cricut Projects to Sell to Make Money from Home--with the Cricut Maker!

Let's talk about making money from home.  Everyone could use a little extra income--right?  I love that I have found ways to earn income from the comfort of raising my children and wearing pajamas.

I usually like to have a few avenues of income coming in...and this is one of my favorites.  Do you have a Cricut Machine yet?  I love my Cricut Maker, it's amazing and definitely worth its weight in gold.  Apart from its value, I still like to have my Cricut work for me...it needs to pay rent for sitting on my desk and taking up space.

I love making money from home and using a Cricut to do it!  There's lots of ways to do it.   Just like any business venture, there is initial investments and costs...and no guarantee for success, but I'd love to share how I've made it work for me.

If you are thinking of starting a Cricut Business, check out this post where I share all my tricks!

Step One:  

Buy a Cricut Machine.  (If you can swing it, get the Maker--it's 10X the power and has the adaptive tool set...great for the knife blade, scoring tools and fabric rotary blade)

If you don't get the maker, you'll always wish you did.  Sorry.  The Maker is about $399, sometimes you can find a better price or a giant bundle with it.  I love this bundle.

It's great to get a bundle because then you have some supplies to get started.  It's a great way to get going.

Cricut Maker Machine

Step Two:

Join all the Cricut fan facebook groups.  They are a great way to get inspiration, ask questions and surround yourself with others that have made Cricut their business.  I've got a group here, just fill out the questions and ask to join!

Step Three:

Start making things!  Maybe all you can start with is something simple, like a bumper sticker.  Make just one and take fabulous pictures of it.

Then post it for sale.  When it sells, have your machine cut one more out, ready to ship.  Bumper stickers are perfect because they are simple and cheap to ship.  You'll need Vinyl and Transfer Tape.

More tips on selling on this post: 5 ways to make money with the Cricut.  Once money starts coming in, you can invest in new supplies and things like the EasyPress 2 and BrightPad.

Step Four:

Now branch out and make all the things!  If you ever make an item for a gift or for yourself, make one extra to sell.

Then take pictures and post for sale.  Repeat the process and enjoy success!  For more ideas on how or where to sell, check this post.

Here's 100 Cricut Crafts to Make and Sell!

1. Custom Letterboards

2. Polka Dot Faux Leather Bags

3. Animal Shirts

4. Fabric Buntings

5. Leather Book Cover Journals

6. Monogram Necklace

7. Holographic Iron On Totes

8. Terra Cotta Pots

9. Iron on Design Baby Onesies

10. Patterned Iron on Sea Turtle Bag

11. Craft Foam Bookmarks

12. Water Bottles

13. SportFlex Iron on Swimwear

14. Leather Keychains

15. Iron on Pillow Cover

16. Fruit Shirt

17. Glass Etched Mugs

18. Christmas Vinyl Decor

19. Leather Earrings

20. Custom Costumes

21. Tropical Tray

22. Iron On Straw Bag

23. Metallic Polka Dot Shirts

24. Wooden Painted Signs

25. Glitter Iron On Tote

26. Out of School Shirt

27. Watercolor and Vinyl Calligraphy

28. Funny Shirts

29. Iron On Hat

30. Holiday Shirts

31. Vinyl Sign

32. Bumper Stickers

33. Vacation Shirts (don't sell shirts with copyrighted images)

Here's a tutorial on designing your own custom logos--great for family reunions or vacation spots

34. No Soliciting Signs

35. Baby Tie Onesies

36. Holiday Wall Art

37. Patterned Iron On Shirts

38. Flower Wreath

39. Treasure Map Totes

40. Letterboard Flowers

41. Handmade Pop Up Cards

42. Paper chains

43. Vinyl Wall Quotes

44. Silhouette Images

45. Glass Etched Frame

46. Party Favors

47. Metallic Geek Pillow

48. Pencil Cases

49. Canister Labels 

50. Ornaments

51. Decorated Home Decor

52. Vinyl on Notebooks

53. Metallic Iron On Journals

54. Unicorn Hat

55. Holiday Iron-on Design Shirts

56. Iron On Cosmetic Bags

57. Light Luminarie

58. Just Married Cling

59. Iron On Corkboard

60. Cake Topper

61. Wall Art Vinyl

62. Funny Embellished Totes

63. Freezer Paper and Painted Shirt

64. Ornate Door Details

65. Iron On Designs Tote

66. Turn Kid Artwork into Shirts

67. Family Rules Sign

68. Tribal Flower Pot

69. Rolled Paper Flower Wreath

70. This Way Arrows

71. Home Vinyl Sign

72. State Love Shirts

73. Layered Iron On Tote

74. Pennant Banner

Learn how to personalize tumblers using a Cricut machine and permanent vinyl. These stunning tumblers make a great gift for teachers, bridesmaids or handmade holidays. Take it a step further and make tumblers to sell as a side hustle.

How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY, tropical flower pattern infusible ink transfer with word Sun Shine in calligraphy

80. Circle Wood Sign

Plus, 30 more that even I haven't done yet!!!

81. Fabric Handbag
82. Pieced Baby Blanket
83. Fabric Coin Purse
84. Felt Coasters
85. Felt Flowers
86. Gift Boxes
87. Stencils
88. Paper Flower Bouquets
89. Coloring Books
90. Decals for Custom Cars
91. Greeting Cards
92. Home Decor
93. Magnet Board
94. Wall Plaques
95. Custom Composition Books
96. Craft Foam Shapes
97. Custom Bulletin Board
98. Felt Toys
99. Fabric Ornaments
100. Wood Puzzles 
101. Iron on Socks 
102. Flower backdrop     
103. Infusible Ink Coasters
104. Infusible Ink Shirts
105. Vinyl Mugs 
106. 3D Wall Art 
107. Animal Bust Sculpture
108. Leather Bracelet 
109. Wallet 
110. Stockings

Buying a Cricut Maker is totally worth the investment--and it's a great way to make some extra money from home! Check out this post on running a Cricut Business!

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here's 5 ways to make money with the Cricut explore air 2, which can be applied to any of the Cricut electronic cutting machines.

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