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Pumpkin Seeds!

I {heart} roasted pumpkin seeds!   They are a hassle to get out of the slimy insides  of the pumpkin, but super worth it! {I put mine in a colander...and a larger bowl. Fill with warm water.  And the seeds will float to the top. Still takes some time to remove any connected strings...} Rinse the seeds.  Pat dry with towel. I have about 2-3 soccer ball sized pumpkins. I put 1-2 tbsp canola oil on my cookie sheet. pour on the seeds, stir around to coat them. Sprinkle with salt and garlic salt. Bake in oven 350* stir every 10 minutes for about 40 minutes until golden brown.

Basket of frames!

 I am stockpiling for winter. I am hurrying to use any nice weather to paint, glaze  and finish major projects...I know the snow will come. And when it does, I'll be ready!  I have this basket full of awesome frames that I  know what I am going to do with...but will finish up when it's cold outside! 

Polka Dot Pillow!

 A good pillow can tie a room together! I've seen people base their entire room design on a single pillow... I haven't. But I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby...had them cut me 18"  and with my 40% off coupon, paid $2.70...a lot for me,  but this pillow will tie things together for me!  it's all my favorite colors!  I used every inch of the fabric.  I cut an 18" square for the front. and the remaining piece I cut exactly in half. I sewed a hem on both back pieces and pinned them to the  front for an envelope style back.   Stuffed in my brand new pillow form (I found at a yard sale for $1.00)  I love it!  I love those bright colors!  Total cost: about $4... Total time: about 15 minutes... Yay for easy projects!

Pillar Candle Tower!

 During my Saturday Super Score ... I ended up with this plaster pillar candle holder! It's that white plaster thing...  I painted it aqua and glazed it!   Topped with a vanilla pillar candle!

Phoenix set!

I found these 2 gold phoenix birds at a thrift store! I paid more than I usually would... but I liked them. alot. (taken with phone camera) I totally painted them blue, because I could! And there was also some chipped parts,  so it needed something anyways. Yes, I am an abomination to collectors everywhere!   But whatever!  I love them!

The Epic Fail Fail Fail Table!!!

I got this white table...the top surface is really bad, so I patched it up...but I figured I would do a stencil  or something to break up the top so you  don't just see the imperfections.    Primed it and painted it gray Cut a geometric stencil out of some plastic...  sponged on some paint... peeled the stencil to see this crap!  Wiped it off and started over...must be the stencil. So I taped off a sort of geometric chevron pattern... with scotch blue (it's supposed to be awesome, right?)    Got it painted...  and peeled it off to see this crap! Then I decided to try a different approach! 3rd times a charm right? I ran to the store and grabbed a million paint chip cards... had to go back a second time, cuz a million wasn't enough apparently!  I used mod podge and glued down a ton of circles!  there was one just slightly before it dried  completely I tried to remove it...and flip! The entire surface removed!  Ahhh! Totally peeled up...completely in one piece!  I a

Deseret Industries

I've had a couple comments asking about the D.I. The DI is one of my favorite stores! Deseret Industries: """For over 70 years, Deseret Industries has been in the business  of transforming lives. Currently our 45 locations serve  individuals in seven western states. We look forward to  serving you at your local Deseret Industries."""  Basically like Goodwill or Salvation Army. Non-profit...all money goes to schooling and education for their employees. They have humanitarian warehouses as well that  benefit other countries and disaster relief that uses most of what is donated. Only about 10% of what is donated actually ends up for sale in the it's not just a bunch of old crap. They can really chose the best things to fill the shelves. Love it! here are some of my great DI finds: phone: $5 Box $3  jewelry thing: $4 Lights: $4  Coat of Arms: $5

Sticky Bats!

This was a 'kids' project! And it was FREE!!!!!!  I had the kids gather sticks...there was a big windstorm  and lots of branches were lining the streets. We stuck them in our green tinted mason jar. I used the silhouette bats shape and cut out a page of bats...   We just used glue dots and stuck those little bats all over the branches.   I love the shadows they cast on the wall!  So easy and fun!  Best part...when we are done with them, we can just throw them in the wood burning stove!