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Watercolor Florals Sublimation Tumbler DIY

Watercolor Florals Sublimation Tumbler DIY! Sublimation tumblers are my favorite! They are easy to make and personalize. Sublimation tumblers make great gifts for every occasion! Learn how to make a watercolor florals sublimation 30 ounce tumbler in just a few minutes! I designed the watercolor floral pattern and it's easy to print off on sublimation paper. Did you know that anything you can print off will sublimate on a sublimation blank? Kids art, photographs, patterns, sports paraphernalia and more! Heat Transfer Warehouse has everything you need for sublimation crafting. They have an awesome stash of sublimation blanks at great prices and all the printers, heat presses and other things you need to get started. Check out my landing page at Heat Transfer Warehouse and see the things I like! Supplies Needed for Watercolor Florals Sublimation Tumblers: Watercolor Floral Sublimation Printables ( available in my Etsy Shop ) Sublimation Oven 30 Ounce Skinny Straight Walled Tumblers E

How to Make Acrylic Earrings with xTool

How to Make Acrylic Earrings with xTool! Learn how to cut cast acrylic sheets with the   xTool M1 Everything Bundle  Laser Cutting Machine. I love the versatility of the xTool M1, perfect for a craft, hobbyist and even a small business! I had to test my xTool with acrylic with a small pair of monstera leaf earrings--earrings are ALWAYS the first craft I make with a new machine! Check out these wood earrings. The   xTool M1 Everything Bundle  is a hybrid laser cutting machine that combines a diode laser as well as a cutting blade. You can cut wood, leather, acrylic (some colors) and more with the laser. You can also cut vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, paper, cardstock, cardstock and more with the blade. This tool option can be a great space saver if you are looking for both types of machines with limited space. Supplies Needed for Acrylic Monstera Leaf Earrings cut with xTool M1: xTool M1 Laser Cutting Machine  ($200 off on Amazon!!!) Or direct from xTool get the full  xTool M1 Everything B

How to Make a Layered Iron-on Aloha Tote!

How to Make a Layered Iron-on Aloha Tote! Learn how to easily layer iron-on vinyl for the perfect Summer beach bag! Make a giant hibiscus in 3 vivid iron-on colors with an Aloha to tie it all together. The SVG is designed with no overlapping layers, so it's perfect for all kinds of heat transfer vinyl. Hi, I'm Natalie and I love hibiscus flowers. (Hi Natalie!🙋‍♀️ ) It's true. They are my most favorite flower. I turned this little doodle and calligraphy into a free SVG file for you to use too! I'm part of Heat Transfer Warehouse's Summer Days of Downloads ! Head to Heat Transfer Warehouse for the FREE Hibiscus Aloha SVG I designed! This SVG is totally me! If you've been around a while, you'll know of my love of hibiscus...even though I've never been to Hawaii, it's on my mind right now. Fun fact: For the last decade or so, I cut out a black hibiscus flower out of vinyl and stick it to our car back door window.  It's how I can find my car in a p

Tombow Lettering in Color and Basics Set

Tombow NEW Lettering in Color and Lettering Basics Set! Don't be Afraid to Suck at Something New! Have you always wanted to learn hand lettering, but you haven't tried it yet? Have you tried hand lettering, but want to get better? Learn the basics of hand lettering with Tombow 's new Lettering Basics and Lettering in Color Sets! I love Tombow for all things Hand Lettering! I've been a Brand Ambassador for a few year and love it. I use their products exclusively because I love them so much. They sent me a package of a bunch of fun supplies--highlighting the new Lettering sets. Lettering Basics and Lettering in Color are both available as a FLASH sale today! Enter the code: LETTERING for 30% off! Each pack has everything you need to get started with Hand Lettering. I love the Lettering in color, those 3 colors blend beautifully for every color combination you can imagine. Both sets have the MONOTWIN permanent marker, Fudenosuke Brush Pen (my personal favorite brush pen ev