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Paint the Exterior Siding of a House!

I received a   Home Right Finish Max  sprayer to use in this project.  I didn't use it for the whole house, but for the out building, check it out! Paint the Exterior Siding of a House!  We bought our house a couple years ago and love it!  It was built in 1951 and needed a lot of renovations.  We mostly focused on structural things and super important things, like plumbing, electricity, and turning it into an open floor plan.  Here's the Realty Listing picture: We got permission to do work on the yard even before the deal was closed.  We had to paint the front porch in order to get our loan approved.  So by the time we bought the house, it already looked much better.  Check out the Kitchen , Living room , and the  Bathroom .   The exterior was overgrown and needed lots of care and grooming.  Which, at the end of the day, left no time, energy or money to deal with the elephant in the room...the Pink Elephant!  Okay, salmon. Two years passed and the house was still ado

How to Make a Teddy Bear Backpack DIY!

How to Make a Teddy Bear Backpack DIY! This teddy bear backpack is adorable, plushie and loveable--plus, a big pocket for treasures or essential items.  Turn your old stuffed animals into a back-pack easily in an afternoon.  This is a great way to trick a toddler into carrying around all the gear they need: toys, binky, tissue, wipes, diapers... Supplies needed: 1 adorable stuffed animal or teddy bear 6x16 inch piece of cotton fabric Hook and Loop closure (Velcro) Two 12 inch pieces of black webbing for straps Sewing machine, Scissors, Needle and thread Hot glue/gun Begin by cutting a 5" slit across the back of the teddy bear.  Stitch up the center back seam again, since the main seam was just cut. Then pull out the stuffing in the belly of the stuffed teddy bear.  Mine's from Build-a-Bear, so the little heart came out too. Next, fold your fabric in half with the right sides together.  Sew a big elongated half circle. Then trim around the edges of the p