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Mother's Day Handmade Gift Ideas!

Mother's Day Handmade Gift Ideas! Here's some simple and some elaborate handmade gifts  that your mom will love! Remember, Mother's day is Sunday May 14th. Ornate Frame Card Crystal Cluster Light Teal and Gold Ombre Soap Mini Book Necklaces Enchanted Rose Sun Catcher Chocolate Dipped Rose Cookies! Enchanted Rose Cloche If she's a geek, she'll love a custom Harry Potter shirt! Rolled Flower Wreath Cloud Pendant Light Watercolor and Gold Leaf Coasters Pineapple Succulent Planter Triple Chocolate Cheesecake! Hairpin Leg entry table! Watercolor Rainbow Mantra Wish Necklace Avocado Earrings! Chain Tassel Necklace Leather Bow If she's a Star Wars geek, she'll love this Kyber Crystal Necklace Faceted Bead Necklaces Crystal Shard Necklaces Wire Wrapped Petrified Wood Flower Monogram Paper Peonies!

Make Your Own Minecraft Skin Blanket!

I received product in exchange for this post. Affiliate links included.  Make Your Own Minecraft Skin Blanket! Okay, my daughter loves Minecraft. It's easy to let kids spend hours a day playing video games. Some days I insist they learn other, it's sewing. I told her I was going to teach her how to make her own Minecraft skin. She was thrilled because she likes customizing her character...let's just say after I told her it was actually a blanket, she was a little disappointed! So this is the perfect way to teach young adults how to sew. Tell them you are helping them make their own Minecraft skin.   They love it when you speak their language. Minecraft Blanket! You will need 12 pixelated bandannas from Oriental Trading! ( or any bandannas of your choice ) And a piece of fleece backing...slightly larger than 60 by 80 inches. I let my daughter lay out the bandannas to make a pattern she likes. just having to sew 12 squares is so