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DIY: Build a Wood Manger for a Nativity Prop

DIY: Build a Wood Manger for a Nativity Prop Build a wood manger for a Nativity production, Christmas Story play or yard decoration.  Use reclaimed wood to build a simple nativity style manger for the bed of baby Jesus. Let me show you how we put this manger together in 2017. This rustic wood manger is made of reclaimed wood and mostly hand tools.   The construction of the manger uses no nails or screws, just wood dove tailing, for an authentic look.   Great DIY for Christmas time as we remember the birth of baby Jesus. Supplies Needed for Rustic Nativity Manger: 4x4 posts (18-20 inches long) 3/4" pine boards (12x18 inches) Chisel Hammer Rubber Mallet Jig saw Table saw My husband and I were asked to build a manger for the local church Nativity set display. We decided to build it with "mostly" hand tools and using no nails or screws...maybe similar to how it was actually constructed. This manger worked great to hold the little baby doll. It would work for a Nativity p

Creative Gift Wrapping: Washi Tape

 Creative Gift Wrapping: Washi Tape Washi tape is the BEST.  Washi tape is a paper based tape, similar to masking tape.  It's narrower and comes in an amazing assortment of sheens and colors.  I love the variety of colors, the versatility and the fun it adds to something.  Use it to dress up a plain brown package with metallic and colorful washi tape.  I love metallic washi tape, it instantly adds a high class look to any project. Get some fabulous washi tape here , affiliate link: And these tape dispensers are amazing--they hold 5 rolls of tape and tear off they stack for the ultimate storage! Wrap a gift in kraft paper...don't judge my wrapping skills!  I do not love wrapping presents and I don't take the time to do a good job...but I decorate my gifts so they look beautiful.  Just peel off long strips and cover the box top and sides.  Add as many rows of washi tape as desired. Like Pin and Share!

How to Make Gift Bags with Wrapping Paper DIY

 How to Make Gift Bags with Wrapping Paper DIY Making gift bags is the perfect way to gift things easily and on a tight budget!  This is a craft project that I remember watching my mom do over and over.  She never walked me through the process or taught me verbally...I just watched.  I learned so much by watching my mom.  These cute gift bags are easy to make with kraft paper or any wrapping paper...old maps, newspaper or scrap paper that is on its way to the recycling bin.  Perfect for making custom size, for wrapping my favorite gifts, Lego sets! You will need: Wrapping Paper Double Sided Adhesive Tape Scissors ~ Here's a video for an easy visual: Begin by cutting a piece of wrapping paper.  Fold one side over to the center of the back and then run some tape along the edge.  Fold the other side over and line it up with the tape and press it down, with the center seam down the back of the bag.  The side folds are pushed inward to make an inch or 2 accordion fo