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DIY: Build a Wood Manger for a Nativity Prop or Decoration

DIY: Build a Wood Manger for a Nativity Prop or Decoration My husband built this wood manger for a church party last year.  It works as a Nativity Story play or yard decoration too.  Made of reclaimed wood and mostly hand tools for extra authenticity.  The construction of the manger uses no nails or screws, just wood dove tailing.  Great DIY for Christmas time. You will need: 4x4 posts (18-20 inches long) 3/4" pine boards (12x18 inches) Chisel rubber mallet  jig saw table saw To fit the boards together, they are cut like Lincoln Logs, 1/2 notches on both boards, right in the center.  Set the table saw at 1.75 inches tall and cut slices in the center of the posts...enough slices to fit one post. Then use a chisel and slice off all the slices. Clean up the inside of the cut with the chisel. Then use a rubber mallet to fit both posts together tightly. Repeat this with the other 2 posts. Next, use a jig saw to cut opposing dove tail groves on the pine b

Hand Lettering Merry Christmas on Kraft Paper: Creative Gift Wrapping!

 Hand Lettering Merry Christmas on Kraft Paper: Creative Gift Wrapping! Practice your hand-lettering skills and make amazing gift wrap for your Christmas gifts.  I am not the greatest gift wrapper, but I like to decorate them and make them cute with creative gift wrapping and cute gift tags.  Add a fun hand touched look to all your gifts with this quick project.  You will need: (affiliate links) Kraft Paper (I buy mine at the dollar store) Tombow Dual Brush Pens  Cut a piece of kraft paper the size to wrap your gift.  Then start in the top corner and use a black dual brush pen to write Merry Christmas (or whatever phrase you want).  Then continue writing over and over to fill the wrapping paper.  Don't worry if it is sloppy, it's the perfect way to practice.  Once you arrive at the center, switch and write the phrase in red pen.  Then continue to fill the page with black pen until finished and completely filled.  Add a holly berry on each corner of th

Creative Gift Wrapping: Wrapped Open Box

 Creative Gift Wrapping: Wrapped Open Box Creative gift wrapping is my favorite thing this time of year.  I have an outpouring of boxes (thanks to online shopping)...but they don't always fit the gifts I'm giving. This is a great way to wrap something that you want visible, is too big for the box you own, or just to show off your amazing gift giving.  Works great for bringing dinner over to a family too...just wrap the open box so it looks much prettier than just a box, but they don't have to return it.   Supplies Needed to Wrap an Open Box: 1 Cardboard Box (with the top flaps cut off) Wrapping Paper Clear Tape Adhesive Roller Tape If you are fortunate to find wrapping paper with grid lines on the backside, this will be a snap.   Step 1: Cut Paper Begin by cutting a piece of wrapping paper that fits the box on the four sides.  Then cut the corner of the wrapping paper to the corner of the box in a 90 degree angle, like pictured: Repeat cutting the corners on