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Holiday Cards made with Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

Holiday Cards made with Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Hi friends! I'm so excited for this weekend--but you know what that means? Christmas is right around the corner! If you like to make holiday cards and gifts you need to get started early so you can enjoy the holiday season with less stress and last minute deadlines.  Here's a gorgeous foiled Cricut-made card that takes 5 minutes to make. Just keep your machine working while you clean the kitchen or make a pumpkin pie and you'll have a stack of holidays ready to go in just an, your kitchen will be clean and you'll have a pie! Cricut released this Foil Transfer Kit last year and it is a no-heat solution for shimmery foil effects.  Get the FOIL TRANSFER KIT now at a great discounted price!!! Supplies Needed for Foil Cards: Cricut Machine Cricut Foil Transfer Kit Cardstock Paper Adhesive Step 1: Read Directions I know right? This is the step that no one really wants to do. Cricut has made using their tools s

Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin

  Posted first on Resin Crafts Blog  Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin.      Mixing and pouring out acrylic paint on a canvas to make stunning works of art is so fun.  Paint pours are such a great way to make big wall art for home decor.  Place a plastic tablecloth or garbage bag on your work surface, raise the canvas off the table with cups or soup cans...then pour the paint all over the canvas and let it run off the sides.   Once the paint dries the canvas is gorgeous...and the residue of the paint drips are equally impressive!  Instead of tossing them in the trash, upcycle them into stunning jewelry!       Here's some posts on Acrylic Paint pouring, it's a great craft, even for kids--no age discrimination!  Paint pouring is super popular and easy to do.  Just mix paint with a pouring medium like flotrol and then pour all the colors of paint in one cup.   Pour out all over canvas or tray and let the paint dry as slowly as possible for the best resu

How to Make Handmade Gifts with Cricut

How to Make Handmade Gifts with Cricut This time of year is all about holiday crafting and gifts, whether we like it or not. I choose to like it! In fact, I love it. I like making handmade gifts or adding personal touches to all my gift giving. Cricut has made gift giving and personalization a breeze! I've been using Cricut since 2016 and I am hooked. I use my Cricut nearly daily. I have the Explore Air 2 , the Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy . I love them all for different reasons. If I had to just buy one, it would hands-down be the Maker.  The Maker has so many options! You may not feel like you need the additional options, but the learning curve is quick and you'll want to keep trying the next thing. Whichever you decide, they are all fabulous and can help you with your Christmas crafting and gift giving. Plus, you can start a holiday side hustle using the Cricut and help out some friends with their gift giving too! Here's a bunch of fun ideas, plus my detailed post on  S