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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I've always loved Halloween! And I met my husband on Halloween that sort of seals the deal!  I'm not into gore or scares... but we love costumes!  I love this cape I made!  I want to wear it everyday! Do you think I can get away with wearing it to church or something? Check out the Cape Here! Check out the Twilight Sparkle Costume Here! Check out Jango Fett Here! And the fat ninja we picked up last year after those sales!

Red Hooded Cape!

Okay, not that I am a super model... and not that my daughter is the best photographer ever... but I was thrilled with how easy and awesome this cape turned out! And gotta love that accidental hexagon sun flare bokah!  I decided to go as Morgana from the Merlin series. I loved when she would sneak around at night in a glorious RED hooded cape! And when she embraced more evil magic...she looked awesome! So I went with a combination of the 2 looks.    The cape was simple. (and I didn't line it with anything) 4 identical pieces.  60 inch width fabric made this perfectly flowy! I used all the width at the bottom and tapered it up to the top. 2 pieces are separate and cut on the selvage edge. 1 piece was cut on the fold. 3 pieces for the cape. Measure from the base of the neck to the floor for the length measurement.  Then a simple stitch on the tapered edges to sew all 3 pieces together.  Like this. Then I rounded off the bottom edge and hemmed it.

Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls Cosplay Costume!

Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls Cosplay/Costume!    We love My Little Pony! Last year my daughter was Pinkie Pie in the Grand Galloping Gala Dress This year we went with the Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle in the Fall Formal Gown! Pretty Spot on!   We found this pink sparkly tube dress and the lavender under shirt at Goodwill. The boots we found at a yard sale   Here's how we did the wings:  We used fun foam.  Hobby Lobby has big sheets of foam...for 89 cents. We used the equivalent to 5 sheets...and this is adult size. You'll also need some hot glue, craft sticks, eyelets/setter, and elastic. Cut a wing shape  the size of one sheet of paper...8 1/2 by 11" Hot glue on a craft stick.  This will give the wings structure and strength.  Then add a contrasting color of foam in a puffy shape like this: Turn the wing over and hot glue on 3 craft sticks. Lay it on top of the large sheet of foam and cut out a  similar shape using all the fo