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How to Make an Iron-on Shirt with Cricut Maker!

How to Make an Iron-on Shirt with Cricut Maker! Hi friends, if you have been around my blog long, you'll know I love my Cricut Maker and I love making shirts with it. Iron-on shirts are fast and are perfect for family vacations, team shirts, customizing or upcycling shirts in the closet...and great for gifts. Now is the best time to get a Cricut Maker ! It's at the lowest price ever, only valid until May 31st, so don't think--get this now! Our family tradition involves my siblings and their families...when we get together, we have T-shirt design contests. Everyone draws their best ideas for shirts, and then the selected chosen one, picks their favorites. And then I turn the drawing into a shirt! Using my Cricut Maker , EasyPress 2 and Iron-on vinyl, it's ready in minutes! This shirt took me 10 minutes from start to finish, here's the process sped up to 3 minutes. This is part of Cricut Family Fun Crafts, so check out more fun ide

Cricut Maker 5 Minute Shirt DIY

Cricut Maker 5 Minute Shirt DIY "Take heed, cause I'm a lyrical poet." This rad shirt can be made in just 5 minutes using the Cricut Maker . I love my Cricut Maker and use it nearly daily. I love making iron-on shirts because it's so quick! Do you have a Cricut Maker? I recommend getting a bundle , then you have lots of supplies to get started crafting and deciding what you like the best.  Having a Cricut Maker can also be a great way to start a business from home. Check out this post on 5 ways to Make Money with the Cricut and this one on 100 Things to Make with the Cricut to Sell. I work with Cricut on their blogger team and receive product, but all opinions are mine.  Supplies Needed for Lyrical Poet Shirt: T-shirt Cricut Maker Gold Iron-On Vinyl Cricut EasyPress 2 Cricut EasyPress Mat Step 1: Design the text in Cricut Design Space. Then place the iron-on vinyl on the cutting mat with the shiny surface face down.

Upcycled Easysculpt Resin Make-up Brushes

  Posted first on Resin Crafts Blog Upcycled Easysculpt Resin Make-up Brushes Let me show you how to update those old make-up brushes using resin. Repairing old, mismatched or worn brushes is easy and gives them new life. Cover make-up brushes in EasySculpt and paint them fun colors and patterns. I love a great make-up brush, but mine look like they’ve been closed or smashed in the drawer a couple times. Chips in the wood and scratches on the finish. It’s time to revitalize them and make them last years longer. SUPPLIES NEEDED: EasySculpt Self-Hardening Epoxy Modeling Clay Make-up Brushes in need of a face lift Cornstarch Posca Paint Pens White Acrylic Craft Paint Envirotex Spray Finish STEP 1: MIX EASYSCULPT Begin by mixing one part of each of the EasySculpt tubs together. Add cornstarch to keep the epoxy from being so sticky. Mix until it is smooth and no longer marbled. STEP 2: COVER HANDLES Then wrap the EasySculpt around th