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Halloween and Watercolor Chevron Freebies!

  Happy Halloween! It's my absolute Favorite Holiday! Here's some Watercolor Chevron background freebies! (right click to save off, FREE for personal use only please)  Sort of ombre, bright and vivid or dull and muted colors! Watercolor spatters, splashes and spots!  Print them out and use them in a classroom! Or...use them as a digital background on your phone!  Please follow me to get the latest freebies! :) I'll be your best friend! This post published on Doodlecraft first 

Princess Anna Pink Cape!

Princess Anna (from Disney's Frozen) Pink Cape! With adorable clasp and capelet!  I'll be honest myself and say that I thought Frozen was a literary fail. The story line, the script, the writers...disappointing. I wasn't thrilled with the music either...but. I loved the costumes! And frankly, Anna's costume is the most magnificent! (Source)  So, if you haven't already made yourself a cape, you've got time to sew one up for Halloween! This one took me 2 hours. Or...make one for Christmas...great gift idea too!  Instructions are for an adult size female cape...make adjustments as necessary. We used 3 yards of hot pink fabric 2 yards of purple pom pom trim 2 yards of purple ric rac Silver cloak clasp needle and embroidery floss strip of webbing for stiffening collar  Okay, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have. But here goes. The material I used was very stretchy...which made sewing it a little difficult, but made i

Roasted Almond English Toffee!

 Roasted Almond English Toffee!  Dipped in Chocolate!  Just with Roasted Almonds!  Or totally plain!  This is the Best Toffee ever! Ingredients: 2 sticks (1 cup) Real Butter 1 1/3 cups of Granulated Sugar 4 Tablespoons of Corn Syrup 4 Tablespoons of Water Roasted Almonds (spread on baking sheet...about 275* for 30 minutes or so, turning every 10) And a silicone baking sheet...or aluminum foil lined baking sheet You also need a thick bottomed pan. (not a copper bottom...they burn too fast) You'll want to chop up those roasted almonds... and have them ready to go before you start cooking the toffee. have your silpats ready to go.  Place ingredients in your thick pan. (a sauce pan is a bit small...but it still works!) High heat.  It will melt.  Stay with it.  It will begin to foam and bubble!  See what I mean...barely fits!  Then it will begin to thicken...  Keep close by and stir nearly constantly.  Then, almost all at the