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Happy Halloween and Store Bought Cookie Hack!

 Happy Halloween! I love Halloween. Not because of the gore or scariness...but just because I love dressing up! I'll really use any excuse to dress up fun! ~ My husband and I met on Halloween night 1999. I was going to go dancing at the LDS institute at the U of U with 3 of my friends. We got all ready to go and one of my friends, Sheri, said that she invited her older brother to come too, because he just broke up with his girlfriend.  It was love at first sight. Although, we didn't dance that night and didn't start dating for a couple more months. However, we got married the next June. That's me on the far left side and my future husband in the center! Good memories about Halloween. Since I love dressing up so much, perhaps it's rubbed off onto my food. I love "dressing up" store bought cookies. Most of the work is already done.  I just pick up a box of store bought cookies. They are fine as is...but I like to just add some chocolat

1THE Water Filter System Review!

1THE Water Filter System Review! I was lucky enough to get to review this Mineral Pro Water Filter System! I received this for free in exchange for this review We have a water filter in our basement and it is wonderful, but it has a tank and is  constantly running out of water.  We decided to get a new one to put upstairs in our kitchen  and wanted a tankless system so we have water on demand!   They have 2 varieties of filter systems, either Mineral Pro or UF Pro Set.   I received the Mineral Pro. There are 3 canisters for filtration, plus the attachments, hose and hook ups. We drilled a hole right through our countertop... And put everything together underneath the sink. Until we tried to attach the shut off valve and IT DIDN'T FIT! Ah, so we ran to the box hardware store to find adapters...we thought we had it figured out...but no. We had to go back to the store and try again...still no. So we gave up for a day. Next day we went to

Making Memories while Moving with U-Pack!

This post brought to you by U-Pack . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Doodlecraft.  Making Memories while Moving! Our world changed in 2011 when my husband joined the military.  We were apart from him for a full year.  We missed him so much.  In February 2012, we got the go ahead to move across country to join him!  I was a mother of 3 kids, the youngest being 3.  I knew I needed help getting our stuff moved, because there was no way I could drive a truck myself...let alone with kids! I had a wonderful friend recommend U-Pack to me.  They have used them for multiple moves (they were military too) and had so much good to say about them!  They had checked/called/contacted every moving company known to man, and U-Pack (or ABF) was the BEST price in the industry! U-Pack is brilliant!  They bring you an entire empty trailer to your house and leave it there for 3 days.  During that time, you pack it up and fill it as much as you need.  (If you need additional tr