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How I Keep My 6 Year Old Happy with Frankincense Oil!

How I Keep My 6 Year Old Happy!  I absolutely love essential oils! I was recently sent these huge 4 oz. bottles of Frankincense and Peppermint oils  in exchange for this review. #RadhaFrankincense  So, meet my son.  He is 6, and the third child. He has a little bit of a temper...and oddly enough, 2 mosquito bites on his forehead. (lol) If you have kiddo's, it's hard to calm them down when they are upset. So, when I received this oil, I waited until he was grumpy to test it out. I took him out on the patio and took this before picture. (he was not thrilled, obvs)  I used a drop of frankincense oil and rub it over his heart.  And then litterally in a minute, he was not only calmed down... but hysterically laughing! I have never seen a child change their mood so quickly when they are upset about something. This has been life changing for us! Here's what the 6 year old had to say on the subject: This post published on D

Glitter Painted Galaxy Shirts!

 Did you know that today is Meteor Watch Day ? Yep, every year on June 30th! I know, there are so many crazy holidays!  Well, to celebrate...let's make a galaxy! Glitter Painted Galaxy Shirts! You will need: Black T-Shirt (100% cotton) Tulip One Step Dye Acrylic Craft Paint and Stencil Brush Bleach in a spray bottle (1/2 diluted with water) Tulip Fabric Glitter Spray First spray bleach on garment. I lay mine out on the back patio.  Let the bleach work...most shirts turn orange.  Some I've done have turned white! This is the perfect solution to the shirt that was "accidentally" bleached!  Then put them through a wash cycle with soap.  Fill up your tie dye bottles according to package directions...  Remove the shirt from the wash...and while it's wet, lay it back outside. You could put a garbage bag under it to protect the cement...but it comes off eventually! Then swirl and splash color all over the bleached parts! Wrap in a plastic

Doodle Mugs!

 Doodle Mugs! These were so fun to doodle on and make a great kids craft!  We picked up 2 white mugs at the flea market for 10 cents each. And a Decoart Glass Paint Marker We cleaned the mugs with rubbing alcohol and let them dry. Then just shake up that paint marker and start doodling! Start with the biggest designs first and then fill in with smaller ones.  Once you are done, just bake in the oven according to the marker package instructions. Lots of fun! Perfect for kids to create custom works of art that don't just end up on the fridge! Makes a great gift idea too! This post published on Doodlecraft first