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How to Make a Simple Tied Fleece Blanket

How to Make a Simple Tied Fleece Blanket There is nothing better than a soft blanket! I love a cold Winter morning getting all snuggled up in a fleece blanket and sipping hot cocoa. Making a simple tied fleece blanket is a great craft for little children.  Teach your child how to tie an overhand knot by making a simple tied fleece blanket together. This is the perfect craft for Winter break! Last year for Christmas, I was planning on giving my son a completed blanket. I was so busy with everything that the holiday entails, so I didn't have time to tie up this blanket. Instead, I wrapped up 2 yards of cute doggy fleece and gifted it as a "Date with Mom" present. He was thrilled and it worked out much better too! Instead of just giving him something we worked on it together. He put so much love and effort into it, it's his favorite blankie. I love gifting time with my kids, especially as they get older. I love spending quality time with each of my kids, so a simple craf

Tombow Design Team Instagram Posts 2020

Tombow Design Team Instagram Posts 2020! I loved being on the Tombow Design Team during 2020 and am now looking forward to being on the Brand Ambassador team for 2021. Each month as part of the Tombow Design Team I did 6 instagram posts. I loved sharing my craft on instagram and made many new followers as part of the team. We were given a topic and asked to create posts based on it.  Take a scroll through these pictures to see the fun things I created this year! Did you see any of them on instagram this year? Some of our topics were based on a theme, like favorite fandoms or childhood memories. Others were holiday related. And finally others were product a specific tool, pen or color. I spent the year getting to know my favorite art supplies! I love the TwinTone Markers for every day use, journal writing, note taking, and more! I fell in love with the ABT PRO this year. The smooth alcohol based markers that blend together effortlessly. My all time favorite will always be t