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Geometric Succulent Terrarium DIY!

 Geometric Succulent Terrarium DIY! Can you tell how I made this!? I bet you can't guess. The best part is it is CHEAP!  It was a lot more work than I anticipated. Maybe there's a better way...if you think of one, let me know in the comments!  You will need: Rotary cutter and mat Old CD CASES (didn't see that one coming, did you!?) Stained Glass foiling tape in copper You'll also need hot glue/gun and some pliers. This terrarium is a dodecahedron...a 12 sided shape. You'll need this pentagon pattern.  Print it off your desired size. You'll need 11 will be open. 11. That's not as easy as it sounds...but it's cheap, right!? DIY's are sometimes more work than just buying it. For the 11 that I got cut the right shape, there was at least 13 that didn't work. Fractured, broken, chipped, cracked and wrecked. This was discouraging and I was going to chalk it up in the "fail" category...

Big Dial Wrist Watch!

This is a fabulous watch! It's a perfect first watch for a kid that is ready to keep track of time. This watch has a big dial. It's really big.  But it's so cool.  The digital display is perfect and easy to read. The watch sets up really easily. It's awesome. My sons each have a big dial watch and they love to pretend they are wrist communicators--just like in Star Wars. It's easy for my boys to keep track of time. They love the stop watch and timer features. They time themselves as they run obstacles around the yard and try to get the best time. They jump and run over rocks and logs! They talk into their watches just for fun! And the best part...they come home at the exact right time! These big dial watches are a great price and they are water resistant up to 50M, so great for sweaty sports and even swimming! Lots of great features! More details here I received this product at a reduced price in exchange for my h

Framed Agate Slices!

Framed Agate Slices! Make a fabulous and natural piece of art for decor! You will need agate slices.  These range in sizes and price. I use gold gilding liquid leaf from Plaid Then paint the edges of all the agates in glimmering gold! You will also need some simple frames. I painted mine white with paint from Plaid Crafts. Then replace the glass in the frame and a white piece of paper inside. Then use a little hot glue and glue the agate slice right on the top of the glass. Add some fancy calligraphy on the agate for a finishing piece of art! I love the shimmery gold and the sparkly crystals! They glisten and sparkle. Great for gifts and wall decor! Check out these other posts for Agate slices too! Place Cards Agate Coasters Faux Agate Slices! This post published on Doodlecraft first