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Chevron Tray

This went from  TRASH to TREASURE and then back to TRASH! Found this very plain wooden base/iron holder tray at the thrift store...I think it was $2  I unscrewed the wood...primed it, sprayed it white... taped off my first chevron pattern ever with paper & blue tape... and then sprayed it blue... removed tape and sprayed with clear coat!    I knew I wanted to distress a tad and glaze... it turned out WAY different than I imagined though... but I went with it, because I'm lazy like that!  It might get a red border or something someday... but not today!

Super Mario Brothers Party!!!

"Best Birthday Party Ever!" said Ryan... We did have a fantabulous party! Dan turned 9 last week, and has never really had a "friend" birthday I insisted this year! I think I got more into it than he did... We did the Super Mario Brothers theme! (loosely based on Mario Bros. 3 for those of you like me) We had 16 kids come... They had to go through the obstacle course in order to earn their Mario mustache... World 1: Grass Land Hop across 4 blocks...while carrying a padded sword World 2: Desert Land Use padded sword to hit the angry sun... World 3: Ocean land Use a rubber band gun and hit target of King Koopa Then use the "warp zone" to get to world 4! They carried a balloon through the slip n slide to use in big land. World 4: Big Land They popped the balloon they carried on this chair... World 5: Sky world They got a straw and a cotton ball and had to blow the cotton ball across the tramp... World 6: Ice Land Reach into the bucket of ice

Clip Organization!

Bobby pins, clippies, hair elastics... always a mess! I got these jars  {3 for $1 at the thrift store, but Ikea sells them too} I hot glued a piece of twill tape on them like a loop... and clipped on the beautiful crocheted flower hair clips that my s-i-l made! Then we can still use the clip, and the jars are stinkin cute! Bwah ha ha!  take that messy bathroom!!!

Wood burning stove!

I have wanted to do this project for a long time now! What an eye sore! Our wood burning stove...before, and apparently with a charred cat inside... Still spotchy and pitted, but ready for a summer of late night fires and smores!

For my dad...

If you know me...or my dad...or my brothers... and maybe Janell... (and perhaps some in-laws that were forced to watch) you know we love Dr. Who ! I mean, really love. (possibly only 'true love' with the tenth doctor) We have watched episodes from every single doctor,  and this series has been ongoing for 47 years! and I'm only 30, so I grew up on this British Sci-Fi! hardcore fans, mkay! So if you know ANYTHING about Dr. Who, you know the Tardis... The big blue box that is bigger on the inside... With this backstory, here is my Father's day gift!   Start with an awesome stencil of the Tardis... throw it into Silhouette studio and "open the trace window" Click and drag over your image and it should trace with red "cut" lines... I added the words: It's bigger on the inside Then I cut vinyl, removed the positive space so  I could just use it as a stencil. Rolled it smooth onto my plank Sponged it in BLU

Upcycled Tie Skirt!

   Happy Father's Day! Here's a tutorial on my favorite 'father inspired' skirt! After all, dads get tons of ties for Father's day...and when they are old or snagged, they end up in the's a better solution! Start with a pile of ties! (ties can get pricey--even second hand, so find donations!) I knew how long I wanted my finished skirt to be,  so I cut my ties all 2 inches longer than the desired length...just past my knees. I didn't cut the layers or anything...just sew them together! I used 32 ties to get around my just depends on the width of the tie... as they vary quite a bit I found!  This makes a thick skirt!  But I love it! Okay, I trimmed off the top edge of ties so they were all even... Then put in an invisible zipper to connect the last 2 ties together. Then I sewed on one edge of the Double Fold Bias Tape with a zig zag stitch on the inside  to hold it all in place, unfrayed and secure