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How to Paint Watercolor Floral Handmade Cards

How to Paint Watercolor Floral Handmade Cards! I am taking an old project and trying it again to see how far I’ve come. It’s a great practice to have milestones to look back on and see where you’ve been. Enjoy the journey, embrace the process and remember where you began. Learn how to paint a watercolor floral handmade card using American Tombow Inc. Art Supplies! This was posted previously on the Tombow blog as part of their Design Team. This project pictured below was a  post I did in December of 2018  when I was a Brand Ambassador for Tombow. I’m so happy to be part of the Design Team now and I’m excited to revisit this project.  I still think it turned out great, but I’m excited how much my watercoloring and hand lettering has improved in a year and a half. Supplies Needed for Watercolor Flower Greeting Card: Tombow Dual Brush Pens (I use colors: 055, 725, 905, 535, 296) Tombow Blue Fudenosuke Brush Pen Watercolor paper (Card Size 8.5X5.

10 Decorative Serving Tray Decor Upcycle DIY's

10 Decorative Serving Tray Decor Upcycle DIY's! Serving trays, catch-alls, bed trays and organizing trays are one of my favorite mediums to upcycle.  They are so easy to hold resin, paint or be filled with glitter...the edges keep it all where it should be.  So while you are getting your house decluttered and organized, upcycle a few things into amazing decorative trays.  Which one is your favorite? Acrylic Pour Round Tray Perfect for using up the last little bit of paint in the bottles. Fabric Resin Tray Great for that scrap of fabric you are holding onto. Glitter and Pink Tray Perfect for using up the leftover glitter from a craft. Tropical Leaf Resin Tray Great way to upcycle a bed tray...with paper. Glitter Resin Tray Perfect to upcycle an engraved tray...or use up glitter! DVD Mosaic Resin Tray Upcycle a tray with old DVD's! Stacking Fabric Trays Use scraps of fabric that m

How to Decorate Face Masks with Tombow ABT PRO

How to Decorate Face Masks with Tombow ABT PRO Here's a fun and quick way to decorate your face masks. Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers are the perfect way to make your face covering unique to you. Decorate a face mask with the patterns and colors you love! This post was previously on Tombow's Blog as one of their Design Team Members. Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers color great on fabric. Wearing face coverings is the norm these days, so take a few minutes and decorate them. Great for kids heading back to school, teacher gifts or just wearing out for essential errands. Supplies Needed to Decorate a Face Mask: Cotton face mask ( Masks from Buttonsmith Inc. ) ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers (I’m using the Nature Palette 12-Pack) Floral Pattern Face Mask: Begin by drawing a few yellow flower dot centers on the mask. I used the brush tip of the ABT PRO Marker. However, either tip will work. It works best if you stretch the fabric