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What Can You Make With a Cricut?

What Can You Make With a Cricut? So, What can you make with a Cricut? I get asked this question a lot! You can make so many things. Take your crafting game to a whole new level with the Cricut.  I get asked all the time, "what all can you make with a Cricut?" Cut out paper, score paper, cut fabric, etch acrylic or metal, cut wood!  You can even make money with the Cricut too! 😉😉😉 Cricut Maker 3 Bundle Cricut Maker 3 Essentials Material Bundle Cricut Maker 3 Everything Material Bundle Cricut Maker 3 Smart Materials and Tool Bundle Let's go over some  Cricut Machine  details. First off, I love my Cricut machines. 🥰 I have a variety of them and use them for different applications.  Cricut Maker 3 Bundle I've been working with Cricut since 2017 and love the company and the support they give crafters. I highly recommend their products and love how simple they are to just plug in and get started. I'm working with Cricut as a craft blogger.  I receive product in exch

How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--10 ways!

How to Build: Lego Unicorn Instructions--9 ways! Lego Unicorns are the best! I found a severe lack of Unicorn Lego instructions and decided to make my own.  Build the most epic Lego Unicorn with a rainbow colored mane, gold tiara and horn, rainbow colored waterfall tail and star cutie mark on the flank! Full PDF instructions for this Lego Unicorn in the supplies list below!   I absolutely love Lego and I love Unicorns, so I decided to combine the 2.  I spread out a blanket on the floor and dumped the 2 giant totes of Lego pieces on it one morning.   I told my 9 year old son (he's 14 now) that I needed to build a Lego Unicorn...but I had to go to the gym first.    When I got back, he had already put together a darling little unicorn.  I sat down with him and we created 9 different unicorns, all uniquely adorable in their own way.   Here's a fun set that Lego sells with a Unicorn's got wings, so it's actually an Alicorn! But would you believe