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Dollar Tree Crafts: How to Make Cards with Stickers

Dollar Tree Crafts: How to Make Cards with Stickers I love doing crafts with supplies from Dollar Tree ! Dollar store crafts are the best! I'm going to show you how simple it is to make super cute handmade cards with stickers and stock cards from Dollar Tree !  This fun post is not sponsored, I just love the dollar store! Affiliate links included. Crafter's Square Pop-Up Stickers are found in the Dollar Tree Crafts and Sticker section. They have a bunch of really fun stickers that would work perfectly for handmade cards. I love the pop-up stickers with layers of foam.  They add the perfect special touch to a card! Did you know that Dollar Tree stocks Hallmark cards? Not only do they have special occasion cards lining the aisles, but they have note packs on the end caps. They have 6-8 cards plus envelopes inside! I bought 2 packages of cards and 2 sets of stickers. I love the bird stickers and the tropical vibe! Here's a video of the process: Dollar Tree Card Supplies Nee

No Tumbler Polished Rocks DIY with Envirotex Lite Resin Spray

 No Tumbler Polished Rocks DIY I love rocks!  Whenever I hike or go to the beach, my bag or tote gets filled with stunning rocks.  I love how the rocks look so glossy, bold and amazing when they are wet.  However when they are dry, they are dull and unimpressive.  It's a little bit disappointing.  I do have a rock tumbler and that works great for polishing and shining rocks.  But, it takes weeks...months!  These rocks I found were really smooth anyway but they just needed a little oomph.    Create shiny wet look rocks using one simple item and about 30 minutes of drying time!  This technique is perfect for all those Summer vacations of collecting rocks around the city, at the beach or while camping.  Please don't take rocks out of protected areas.   Supplies Needed: Envirotex Clear High Gloss Spray Smooth rocks  (these were curated near the ocean, so they are round and smooth) Disposable work surface like a cardboard box    This is resin i

Hogwarts House Bunting Made with Cricut

Hogwarts House Bunting Made with Cricut! Which Hogwarts house will you be in this back-to-school season? I think I'm a Ravenclaw girl...but maybe because I like those colors best. Make this layered iron-on vinyl bunting with the Hogwarts house crests as the perfect backdrop for a party or Harry Potter themed classroom. This fabulous bunting/banner with the house crests is super simple to make! Yes, it requires a few specialized supplies...but the options are endless if you have a Cricut . Each crest is a Harry Potter licensed Cricut Design Space image that you can purchase. Even me, I bought every single Harry Potter design because I just love the ease of use. Each crest costs $1.99, or you can buy all the HP designs as a bundle. I'm thinking about having a Harry Potter themed homeschool year... Supplies Needed for Hogwarts House Bunting: Black Felt Sewing Machine or Hot Glue Gun Cord Cricut Maker (of other Cricut machine) Iron-on Vin