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10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up!

10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up! Colorful crafts are so much fun.  Where I am living, it's's getting cold, breezy, crisp, and jewel toned.  I love the bright colors and love working with bright colors indoors to help combat the Winter blues.  Here's the greatest COLORFUL craft round up ever...13 fun ideas to brighten your day! If you haven't already, get this VIP Box from Tombow for colored Fudenosuke pens and dot grid journal!  Check out this post here . Alcohol Ink and Gold Leaf Coasters This is one of my all time favorite is so much fun and looks amazing! Coffee Flower Wreath I love the fern paper leaves and the hand dyed coffee filter flowers! Watercolor and Frisket Using masking material to resist the water colors is a great way to do a watercolor art piece with minimal skill! Marbled Notebooks Yummy and yes!  I love the rainbow of bright colors--marbling is so fun! Crochet Wreath Crocheted flow

Tombow Fudenosuke Colors + Dot Grid Journal + Mono Drawing Pens!

As one of American Tombow Inc. Brand Ambassadors, I receive product to review each month.  This is a particularly exciting month and I've included affiliate links in the post.  Tombow Fudenosuke Colors + Dot Grid Journal + Mono Drawing Pens! This is a dream come true!  I've wanted colored Fudenosuke Brush Pens forever.  I love the smaller tip and consequently the smaller font size achieved with the Fudes.  I hand-lettered a quote that stood out to me this week.  "You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life."  --Zig Ziglar.   I really believe this.  Take the time to say kind words to others, we have no idea the impact it can make. When I was in high school, I was having the worst day.  I was having a bad hair day, I looked awful.  I had several disappointing classes and was heading to my last class of the the hall I saw a boy that I didn't know.  He stopped long enough to smile and me and continued on his way. 

Hot Glue Echeveria + String of Pearls Faux Succulents DIY!

 Hot Glue Echeveria + String of Pearls Faux Succulents DIY! Hot glue is such an amazing craft substance--right!?  It's been the mighty life saver many times when I've been crafting.  For this post it is the star of the show.  Simply turning hot glue into a faux succulent arrangement for decor or accessory.  I love succulents and fake ones have been a blessing for me, since I have such a black thumb.  This variety is totally DIY with very little cost and super quick to make!  This craft is FAST and it's part of the Craft Lightning Hot Glue challenge this week! Check out the other fun Hot Glue crafts for more quick crafty inspiration! Plus get the new book from Carolina (30 Minute Crafts) and Angie (The Country Chic Cottage) all about Hot Glue! Hot Glue Hacks and Crafts! For this Hot Glue Succulent duo, you will need: Hot Glue Gun/Sticks Non Stick Baking Mat Green Variety Paint Purple Paint Paintbrush Rock Begin by heating up the hot