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How to Make Color Shift Watercolors DIY Tutorial

How to Make Color Shift Watercolors DIY Tutorial! Learn how to make your own homemade color shift watercolors. Color shifting watercolors are amazing! They can be pricey and hard to acquire...I know, I've tried! I decided the best way to get what I wanted was to make it myself. It's hard to find a great tutorial on homemade watercolors, so this tutorial is my gift to you! This tutorial is all the tips and tricks, supplies and process needed for making your own handmade watercolor paint. Okay, let me be honest.  Handmade colorshift watercolor paint making is a PROCESS, it takes a long time. It's not something I want to go into business doing.  I sold a few sets around the holidays to offset the cost of my expenses, but I'm not planning on selling any more. But it's a new fun way to make something yours...using natural pigments and distilled water with a touch of magic! Watercolor paints are my favorite medium. I love mixing mica powder in it for a dynamic shine! The

How to Make Boondoggle Lanyard Keychains DIY Tutorial

How to Make Boondoggle Lanyard Keychains DIY Tutorial!   Boondoggle lanyards are synonymous with Summer! The plastic cord, the bright colors, the possibilities for bracelets boondoggle keychains. Learn how to make your own boondoggle keychains using plastic lacing cord for the perfect Summer craft! Oh my goodness you guys.  I love Boondoggle!   I was pretty involved in a little business venture around the age of 10 making keychains.   I would buy boondoggle lace at the store and sell it by the yard on the playground at elementary school.    I sold it by the yard so kids could make their own boondoggle keychains.  I can't remember selling actual finished product though, because the real fun is in the making them. Some people call these  boondoggle keychains scoubidou's, craft lace,  plastic cord, color lanyard string kit,  plastic weaving, scoobies, plastic lacing cord, gimps, gymps,  gimp string,  plastic lanyards,  plastic string  and more! What do you call them? I