Garlic in Soul Shirt Made with Cricut

Garlic in Soul Shirt Made with Cricut Make a fun shirt or matching family pajamas for the holidays! If you make them now, you'll be so glad you have them ready when the holidays arrive. I promise you will thank your past self when Thanksgiving comes around. Plus, I have no idea what life will be like tomorrow, let alone December! The one thing I can count on, is that I am going to be wearing pajamas. I need to stock up on cute pajamas, comfy tee shirts and lounge pants. This is a certainty.  Supplies Needed for Grinch Themed Christmas Shirts: Cricut Machine Iron-on Vinyl EasyPress Machine EasyPress Mat Cricut Tools Shirt Cricut Design Space Project Step 1 Begin by designing your image. I picked a knock-off Dr. Seuss font that I got for free and just added a little clip art of garlic.  Then mirror your image and have your machine cut it out with the iron-on vinyl placed shiny side down on the mat. Step 2 Then remove the iron-on fro

Resin Wood Slice Ornaments Christmas in July!

Resin Wood Slice Ornaments Christmas in July! It's Christmas in July! Typically this is celebrated because of the southern hemisphere celebrating during their Winter season. I love Christmas in July, because it gives me a chance to get started on things for the holidays that I'd skip because I'm too busy! Wood slice ornaments are perfect to give as neighbor gifts or to deck the tree with matching handmade ornaments. Make stunning wood slice ornaments using high gloss resin and the dirty pour technique. Resin pouring is a highly addictive craft, let’s get started! SUPPLIES NEEDED: Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish Castin Craft Color Pigments Alcohol ink Metallic Wood Slices (I get mine here) Embossing Heat Gun Disposable Gloves, Worksurface, Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks STEP ONE: SET UP Begin by setting up the disposable work surface. Then place small cups on the table with the wood slices on top of the cups. Put on the disposable

Tie Dye Paper with Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tie Dye Paper with Tombow Dual Brush Pens! It is the time of year that just screams for tie dye! Some of my most popular blog posts are tie dye related...especially my Patriotic Tie Dye Shirt Tutorial . I decided to recreate the tie dye vibe on paper, perfect for hand lettering or card making. Make a tie dye work of art on paper using Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Water Brush. It's super fast, fun, forgiving and a great project for any skill level. After they dry, add some hand lettering or cut them down for the perfect greeting card. Here's the full video tutorial: Supplies Needed for Tie Dye Paper: Tombow Dual Brush Pens Tombow Water Brush Watercolor Paper Painters Tape Step 1: Prep Begin by taping the paper to a work surface that can be a little wet and easily wiped clean. Step 2: Draw Next, draw a faint spiral with a pencil, starting in the center and swirling out to the edges. Try to keep the spiral the same size between the gaps