Personalized Tumbler Spa Kit Skin Care Gift with Coola

 Personalized Tumbler Spa Kit Skin Care Gift with Coola This personalized tumbler spa gift is a great combination of handmade and purchased elements. My favorite kinds of gifts are a little of both. Make the perfect Christmas gift for any lady in your life with a home treatment spa kit. This cute personalized water tumbler with Cricut vinyl is perfect for staying hydrated--the best way to care for the skin, plus some handmade ombre soap, manicure set and fabulous skin care products from Coola. Coola sent me these fun products to try and I knew they'd make the perfect gift.  I live in Utah and the weather here is frightful! First of all, it is super dry, it's the desert after all. Secondly, once it starts snowing, it's so bright and it reflects the suns rays right on your face. It's easy to sunburn in the snow. Skin care is super important year round, but I need a bigger reminder in the Winter time. I discovered Coola at Social Media on the Sand at Beaches resort

Unicorn Christmas Tree with Iridescent Decorations from Oriental Trading

Product for this post from Oriental Trading. All opinions and ideas are my own. Affiliate links included. #orientaltrading, #OTCChristmas, #OTCCheerSquad and #ad Unicorn Christmas Tree with Iridescent Decorations from Oriental Trading! Are Unicorns still a big deal to the world? They totally are to me! I love magical and mythical creatures and will keep blogging them until I don't. Unicorn crafts are the best! This Unicorn Christmas tree is subtle on the unicorn side of things and keeps it pretty grown up looking. It's also perfect for a Winter Wonderland or Frozen themed Christmas tree. I love decorations that can do more than one event, and the best place to find them is Oriental Trading! I love decorating my Christmas tree differently every year. Do you have traditional ornaments and stick to the same thing each year or do you mix it up? Maybe you have one of both! My house is not giant, so I've discovered my love of the Pencil Tree. They are only 18 inches

Tropical Fruit Punch Island Drink--Copycat from Beaches Resort Turks & Caicos--Non Alcoholic!

Tropical Fruit Punch Island Drink--Copycat from Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos--Non Alcoholic! Three weeks ago I was on the most amazing tropical island in the Caribbean. Right at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle...the island chain know as Turks and Caicos. It was amazing! Read all about it here.  I went with 2 of my friends to attend the Social Media on the Sand blogging conference. The experience and location was ideal. The Beaches Resort was stellar, they thought of everything and our entire vacation was frictionless. We just had to get to the airport on Providenciales and the rest of the trip was taken care of. I want to go back every year for the rest of my life. In the meantime, while I am living in the cold dessert of Utah, I mix up this tropical fruit punch and close my eyes to imagine turquoise waters and the sound of the waves. I asked one of the Beaches staff what was in the most amazing Fruit Punch they serve. She said, "Pineapple Juice, Orange Juic