How to Make a DIY Spinner Prize Wheel!

  How to Make a DIY Spinner Prize Wheel! This simple DIY craft making a Spinner Prize Wheel will make you a Rockstar!  Don't you just love spinning a prize wheel and hoping you land on the jackpot prize at the fair or other event?  A spinning wheel is so much fun and this DIY pattern is easy for anyone to make with little investment. I thought they would be fun for backyard parties, trunk-or-treats, events and even chores--so I invented this DIY version that you can make for all your events! It features a dry erase surface in pie slices, so all the prizes, activities or chores can be written on and then changed!  This fun post is a throwback to 2013--when my kids were little and loved everything I did--I really was a rockstar back then. This prize wheel is still being used a few times a year and is in great shape--this is the craft that keeps on giving. It's traveled with us through 3 different moves--even one across the country, it's been used at tons of trunk-or-t

Best DIY Laser Cut Craft Projects for Wood Ideas

Best DIY Laser Cut Craft Projects for Wood Ideas Crafting with the xTool laser cutter blends precision and creativity. Choose a design, let the xTool work its magic on wood, add vibrant colors, and assemble your unique creation. Laser cut wood crafts are my absolute favorite craft to make with my high performance xTool M1 and S1.  I love the natural wood, I like using paint pens to add color like a stain to an intricate design and I love painting the wood with thick acrylic paint too! Of course many types of items can be crafted from various materials with this favorite creative tool, I'm using the xTool S1, which is a diode laser, so no clear acrylic. Today, let's focus on wood laser cut products! Here's the basswood I love! (affiliate links) 12X8 Basswood (24 Pack) 12X12 Basswood (36 Pack) Common materials include: basswood, cherry wood, walnut plywood, maple plywood, mahogany and birch plywood. For the most part, I use 3mm basswood.  I just got a package of 5mm of differ