Shabby Chic Rustic Metal Pumpkins DIY

Shabby Chic Rustic Metal Pumpkins DIY Make your own rustic pumpkins for the perfect Autumn decor.  I saw something similar at Hobby Lobby and knew I could recreate it with some items I already had.  These add such a fun shabby chic element to our front porch for the Fall holidays.  I love how these turned out! These are pretty easy to make in an hour or two.  The bigger they are, the easier they are to start big and then go smaller.  Aren't they awesome looking!? You will need:  (Affiliate links included) Metal Ribbon ( here or here  or here ) Tree Branch Sticks (8, 6 and 4 inches) Tree Branch Sticks (short pieces for the stems) 3/4" Screws with Washers Drill and Bits Hot Glue/Gun E6000 Glue Begin by opening up the metal ribbon and letting it relax a little. Use a drill bit to pilot a hole in the center of the branches. Loosely wrap the metal in a circle around the stick...letting it bulge slightly on the

Día de Muertos Day of the Dead Party with Oriental Trading!

 Día de Muertos Day of the Dead Party with Oriental Trading! Celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 1st with a brightly colored party. Día de Muertos is the Mexican holiday that celebrates ancestors that have passed on.  It's a colorful celebration that rejoices in those that have come before. Tables full of the deceased's favorite foods, photographs and candles lit. And quite frankly, another fun day to celebrate after All Hallow's Eve. This fun party is filled with goodies, party decor and props from Oriental Trading. There's still time to order before Halloween, and they have everything you need to celebrate!  Exclusive candy (like hairball cotton candy!), Allergy friendly toys (instead of treats), Party supplies, Costumes for everyone and Graphic Tee's for the entire family!  Remember this Posable Skeleton from my Halloween decor ? He is just the perfect addition to the Day of the Dead party too. I love it when I can use pieces over and ove

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay Halloween Costume DIY!

  Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay or Halloween Costume DIY! ***Updated from 2014 post**   One of my favorite Disney shows ever is Wreck-it Ralph! "Who doesn't love a brat with dirty hair?" Vanellope Von Schweetz...the Glitch, is such a loveable character!  Even years after the return of Vanellope to the big screens in Ralph Breaks the Internet, this costume is still a crowd pleaser. Perfect for a tween Halloween costume or a fun Disney inspired cosplay. Supplies Needed: Aqua Hoodie Brown Gathered Skirt Aqua Tights Pink Paracord Giant Needle Lighter/Match Pliers Acrylic Craft Paint Painters Tape Cardboard Scraps Red Felt Wire Red Dimensional Paint Black Plastic Netting Polymer Clay Boots My daughter decided to be Vanellope for Halloween 2014. Complete with messy Hair candy! It's a pretty simple costume and easy to DIY if you haven't planned that far ahead!     Start: Costume Base    Gather the aqua hoodie, brown skirt and aqua leg