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How to Make Resin Rainbow Coasters DIY

How to Make Resin Rainbow Coasters DIY Make stunning rainbow coasters with resin.  These glossy rainbow coasters are a simple acrylic paint/resin pour and can be made in less than an drying time.  Have you tried acrylic pouring yet? It's so fun and a highly addictive crafting medium...I want to pour paint on every surface in my house! Posted first on Resin Crafts Blog SUPPLIES NEEDED: Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish Wooden Coasters  Acrylic Craft Paint in fuchsia, yellow and blue Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Disposable Worksurface and Gloves Heat Gun or Embossing Gun Step1: Prep      Begin by covering your work surface with something disposable. I used a plastic tablecloth. Then place little cups on the table. Place the coasters on top of the cups. Keeping the coasters off the table makes it so the excess resin can run off instead of puddling around it.     Step 2: Resin Next mix the resin according to the package directions.  The re

Faux Succulent Wreath DIY Arrangement

Faux Succulent Wreath DIY Arrangement I love succulents--do you?  They are adorable little plants that are chubby and full of personality.  I've tried my best to raise plants in my home...but to no avail.   I've got the blackest thumb...I've had bamboo, cactus and succulents all die.  It makes me feel so I've killed a living soul.  In order to enjoy the beauty of succulents without the guilt of killing them, I've switched to using faux succulents.   There's quite a few that look really close to the real thing, so it's a nice way to craft with greenery and add some sunshine to your home. This faux succulent wreath is beautiful with its array of colors, textures and shapes.   It's easy to make and the perfect handmade DIY Summer project.    I love the lush look and it fills my heart with joy to have greenery around the house. Let's get started! Supplies Needed for Faux Succulent Wreath Arrangement: Faux Succulents (I bought this

How to Make Chalkboard Wedding Sign!

How to Make Chalkboard Wedding Sign! We are full swing into wedding season, so here's a tutorial for making a chalkboard wedding sign for the big day. My husband (Mike) and I got married 23 years ago on June 22nd. I got married in the pre-pinterest days, so there was only my imagination for decor.  I made this chalkboard wedding sign for the perfect garden wedding. It would be awesome for a baby or wedding shower, party, celebration or any event! Let's get started making a wedding sign! Chalkboard signs are the way to go. They are easy to write, fix if you mess up and clear off when the event is over. They can be used for every event in your life. Having a good quality chalkboard is key...only the good quality ones erase well without shadows. The star of the show is  Loddie Doddie  Chalk Markers and Chalkboard. I received these supplies in exchange for this post...but let me tell you, these are the best chalk supplies I've ever used...and I've used a bunch. The chalk ma