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Magical DIY Harry Potter Themed Wedding Event Ideas

Magical DIY Harry Potter Themed Wedding Event Ideas Planning a magical wedding with all the Harry Potter elements is effortless with a few DIY crafts and Oriental Trading. I am partnering with  Oriental Trading  (affiliate links) for these magical wedding theme ideas and can't wait to show you everything! The big day should be elegant and over the top with a subtle nod to the classic Harry Potter books--and worth for the front page of the Daily Prophet! Harry Potter Wedding Ideas: Did you grow up reading the Harry Potter books, a world of wizards and witches and magic unfolding before your eyes. Did you anticipate your Hogwarts acceptance letters? Sounds like you are a true fan, the perfect candidate for a Harry Potter wedding theme transporting to a magical world. Make wedding invitations like acceptance letters, sort your guests into Hogwarts houses with a sorting hat of sorts, even have guests dress up for the party! Supplies Needed for Magical DIY Harry Potter Themed Wedding: a

DIY Wedding Harry Potter Hogwarts House Banners

DIY Wedding Harry Potter Hogwarts House Banners Planning the most epic Wizarding World of Harry Potter themed wedding, Prom or event? These gorgeous house crest banners are the perfect way to separate tables for guests. Sort the group into their common room and have them sit at the table they are sorted in. Supplies Needed for Hogwarts House Banners: affiliate links: Canvas Blank Banners from Oriental Trading  (Gifted from Oriental Trading for this post) Gold flex foil Iron-On  Cricut Maker 3 HTVRont Auto Heat Press  ( more on this post ) Cricut Design Space Images: I purchased these images (at a nondiscounted price) in a bundle from Cricut Design Space--I love how all 5 of them match perfectly and have a very thin-line, whimsical vibe. Search for branded images, Warner Bros, and see what Harry Potter crests they have. I don't know if these are still available...since they show up in my CDS because I purchased them. Step 1: Gold Foil Iron-on Size the images to fit on the blank bann