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How to Make a Notepad with Mod Podge

How to Make a Notepad with Mod Podge Make your own notepads to keep lists, memos and to-do's organized using paper and Mod Podge. I always have several notepads on my desk for checklists and notes. I have the worst memory these days, so notepads are crucial.  Yes, sometimes I use my phone, but I have a very visual memory and can remember things better if I physically write it down. What about you? Do you use notepads? When I was little I loved note pads. I especially loved to make flip books, so this technique would have been perfect. Make as many notepads as you like and customize them for every occasion. Speaking of notepads for every occasion, I'm posting notebooks, journals and all things paper holders this week at Doodlecraft, so check the past posts too! Supplies Needed to Make a Notepad with Mod Podge: (affiliate links) Paper Cutter Paper (copy, watercolor, colored, recycled, etc.) Chipboard or sturdy cardboard 2 C Clamps Mod P

10 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas!

10 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas! Hi crafty friends! I'm sharing 10 of my favorite Easter Egg decorating ideas today. Do you love decorating eggs? Is it a tradition of yours? I grew up only dying eggs a couple of times in my youth. Most likely my parents thought it was too messy. I don't remember a lot of Easter traditions other than wearing pastel dresses to church...and I was always grumpy that Easter was on a Sunday every single year.  I remember the Easter Bunny would come and hide plastic eggs for me and my siblings...and we had to work together to find the eggs. Each child's egg would be hidden in close proximity to the last, but in a harder location. Some years it was really challenging to find all our eggs. And of course, I remember lots of candy. We didn't get gifts or toys, just treats like jelly beans and chocolates. I always wanted a giant chocolate bunny, but that didn't happen until I was old enough to like boys and a guy I liked brought me one.

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally with Hibiscus Flower Tea

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally with Hibiscus Flower Tea Easter is on April 4th this year and I'm so excited! I love to feel the shift away from cold Winter blossoming into Spring! I love painting and decorating eggs for Easter and this year decided to do something natural to dye them blue. Hibiscus flowers are my most favorite flower and last year we planted 8 plants. The blossoms appear around August and only last one day! I saved all the little blooms that fell off the plant and decided to use them as a natural dye for eggs. The natural effect is so cool but doesn't really happen until the eggs are left to cool down. Then these cool crystalline formations appear.  This is a great craft to do with the kids. Turn it into a fun school science lesson about dyes and where colors come from. Have them guess what color the eggs will turn using these bright red flowers. Did they guess blue or purple??? I love incorporating crafts into home school curriculum!  This post is part of a