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Silhouette Cameo Custom Panel!

I had no idea this was even an option until last week! Boring control panel In your Silhouette Library you will find "control panel" open it up...don't adjust the size, it's good to go! I cut 2... Pick some cute paper... Pull out your control panel cover... These fit pretty good...some slight offs, not worth tweaking,  BUT there are no holes for the lights. The one that came with it has 2 holes... So I lined up my paper and the one that was included and  used my hole punch to make 2 little holes. Like so. Refit the paper and the cover! Change it up whenever you want! Love it! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Art Kits for fabulous works of HEART!

Art Kits for fabulous works of HEART! For a Wonderful Valentine's day! Perfect Pencil/Marker cases that fit snuggly on a  variety of notebooks and composition books! Do you have an artist in the family? Maybe it's the kids...maybe it's the hubby!  :) This gift is perfect across the board! Here's what you'll need: Markers, colored pencils, pencils, pens, markers... An artist notebook or composition book You'll need webbing and 2 sizes of elastic. Here's the size and measurements I used. (if you don't have webbing, you can use some thick fabric, like canvas or denim...just hem the edges so it doesn't fray) Melt the edges of your webbing so it doesn't fray either! Take the skinny elastic and stitch it right on to the webbing. About every 1/2 inch or so. (If you are putting larger markers (or sharpies) in the case, you'll need to make the spaces larger.) You'll see mine is not exactly measur

Spring Paper Wreath Update! :)

Easy Updated Wreath for Spring! I had 2 awesome projects... This awesome Snowflake bunting! And this... Pinwheel Wreath And after the holidays, I decided to combine the 2 projects! I took the ornament snowflakes (which I made in spring colors...and had on our Christmas tree) and Hot glued them over the pinwheel wreath! The pinwheels are still there and show a little bit! It makes a fabulous, thick, textured wreath...all out of paper! Perfect for the months ahead! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Mini Ornate Frame Pincushions!

Mini Frame Pincushions! Pins and Needles cute, right!  :) These would make a darling Mother's day gift or other kind of gift... Here's what you'll need: Mini Frame (I found mine at Michael's...all brightly painted) Cork Cotton Poly fil Fabric hot glue/gun scissors and knife. Take the back off the frame...remove glass/plastic Cut some cork to fit inside the should be smaller than the frame backing. You may need to hot glue it right on the backing and  then trim up the cork with your knife a bit. Once it fits (doesn't have to be pretty) Stack another piece of cork on top of that... Hot glue it right on top.  Not tons of hot glue...just enough to keep it in place. Use a small ball of poly fil and sandwich it between fabric and the cork backing. Hot glue the fabric up on the sides, all wrapped up like a present! It's cute, and doesn't puff up too much... I just hot glued it right inside the frame.  Let it cool, the