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How to Cast Skeleton Key in Clear Resin

How to Cast Skeleton Key in Clear Resin Skeleton keys are my favorite, they remind me of secret doors. Create an amazing skeleton key necklace with resin for an especially fun steampunk flare accessory. This project takes just a few supplies and a little time. Let’s get started! This fun skeleton key necklace would make a great gift or a great addition to a Halloween costume. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Enviortex Jewelry Resin Resin Mold Skeleton Key Heat Gun or Mini Torch Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Disposable Gloves Drill and Bit Jump Ring, chain and jewelry pliers Begin by mixing the resin according to the package instructions in the 2 phase process. Mix just a small amount of resin, about 1 teaspoon of the resin and 1 teaspoon of hardener. After mixing the resin, pour a small layer into the jewelry mold.  Next, use a heat gun or torch to pop any of the bubbles that have formed. Then set the mold aside for about 2-3 hours. After a few hours the resin

How to Make a Handmade Card with TGF

How to Make a Handmade Card with TGF Rubber Stamps! I love card making. It's relaxing and simple. When the adult coloring craze hit, I stayed true to just coloring stamped images and making handmade cards. Make a handmade card and mail a smile to someone today! I've posted about The Greeting Farm stamp images before. I love them. They are the perfect size for cards, they are absolutely adorable and they fit every occasion. This image is Holiday Anya 6.  I love her comfy sweater and cup of hot cocoa, perfect for sweater weather. Supplies Needed for Handmade Cards: TGF Rubber Stamp Memento Black Ink Pad Clear Stamping Block White Cardstock Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Based Markers Colored Cardstock Washi Tape Tombow Foam Tape Scissors Making a Handmade Card Step 1: Stamp the image on thick, white cardstock with the memento ink.  Making a Handmade Card Step 2: Next color the skin of the image. I love using the palest colors in the palette...but probably because I'm a pale whit

How to Make Resin Glitter Hair Clips

How to Make Resin Glitter Hair Clips! Make gold and sparkly hair clips with jewelry resin to match an outfit or for a handmade gift. This unique resin craft takes just a few supplies and about 10 minutes of working time, then overnight to dry. These cute clips should be made in every color, perfect for every outfit or dress in the closet. One can never have too many hair clips! This post was on Resin Crafts Blog previously as I am part of their blogging team. Affiliate links included. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Envirotex Jewelry Resin Gold Alligator Hair clips Small Vials of Glitter (Color and Shape of your choice) Disposable Gloves and Work surface Step 1: Mix the Resin Begin by mixing up about a teaspoon of jewelry resin according to the package directions. Be sure to use the two phase mixing process as outlined. After mixing for the full time, dump the glitter into the resin and stir in. Step 2: Add Glitter Stir in the glitter so that it feels like there is ve

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers!

How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers! I love Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers. Infusible ink creates the most seamless finish on shirts, totes and other select surfaces. This shirt craft is perfect for any skill level, even beginners. This post is sponsored by Cricut with affiliate links. Supplies Needed for Cricut Infusible Ink Shirt: Cricut Maker (All machines will cut Infusible Ink) Cricut EasyPress 2 and Mat Cricut Shirt Blank Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Brayer Green Cutting Mat Step 1: Cricut Infusible Ink Begin by placing the Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer on the green cutting mat with the ink side up. Don't over handle the Infusible Ink. Make sure you have clean and dry hands. The Infusible Ink Transfers will look dull before the heat, and then they pop vibrantly! Cut the image mirrored using the Cricut Maker. All Cricut cutting machines can cut infusible ink, but the Cricut Maker is my choice every day of the week. Check out this post for all the ways the Cricut Maker r