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How to Make Hanging Scroll Art (Painting or Calligraphy)

How to Make Hanging Scroll Art (For Painting or Calligraphy) Let me show you how easy it is to make a hanging scroll from recycled materials.  This elegant and simple painted floral scroll makes a great gift or gorgeous home decor.  This great scroll-like technique works for any type of art--including the kids doodles and personal displays and has a Japanese vibe. This hanging scroll is made using a knock-off Jenga game and recycling the wood game pieces.  I love recycled crafting! This is such a simple and beautiful way of displaying art! My step mom gave us a series of Japanese hanging scrolls when we ran a martial arts practices Tae Kwon Do school (2002-2009). She lived in Japan for a while and they are landscape paintings and some calligraphic work. Traditional Japanese scroll art hangings, known as "kakemono" or "kakejiku," are a classic form of Japanese decorative art from ancient times. These scroll paintings are typically displayed in Japanese home

How to Make Sublimation Shirts Fallout Merch

How to Make Sublimation Shirts: Fallout Merch! Learn how to make your own sublimation shirts using a sublimation printer and polyester blanks. With the release of Fallout on Prime series, it's got everyone busy making Fallout merchandise. Design your own merch, make shirts with your favorite images or photographs, perfect for great gifts or just for fun! Hey friends, I'm Natalie, and I confess: I play a lot of video games! (Projects and pics back in 2022 when I was a little girl) Okay, I've confessed. I love Fallout. I've played hundreds of hours worth of Fallout 4 and I'm nearly at 2,000 hours of Fallout 76 in the past year. Don't judge, I know how much Netflix you're watching.  Pick some images you love off the internet and size them to about 8X10 inches to fit on a single piece of paper. Party Party! Check out this shirt with the Nintendo Classic Controller! Here's Bottle and Cappy from Fallout Shelter. I love these cute little icons! Supplies Needed