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How Make a Balloon Garland Cake Topper!

How Make a Balloon Garland Cake Topper! Make a super cute and simple cake topper using balloons. This balloon cake topper is perfect for matching a party theme or adding a little extra to a celebration! Cakes are the crowning piece of any party or celebration at my house! I just love how cute they are, easy to cut up and share...great to freeze for later...and easy to customize for any party theme.  This delicious and gorgeous cake is rich chocolate layers with peanut butter frosting, with a ganache drip. So good.  Check out my friend @cakeologybykatie on instagram for more amazing cakes! I love making custom cake toppers for every occasion too--check out all the other cake topper ideas at the end of this post. Let's get started on this simple Balloon Garland Cake Topper! Supplies Needed for Balloon Garland Cake Topper: Balloon Hand Pump Balloons  (about 5-10) Bakers Twine Wooden Skewers Step 1: Balloon Inflation Begin by gently inflating a balloon until it's just about the si

Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY!

Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY! Use Tie Dye to create a mermaid or fish scale finish on a cotton t-shirt, perfect for Summer fun.  Tie dye is so simple and fun to use.  The tie dye works perfectly with this pattern, it has an ombre vibe and looks awesome!   Make the perfect Summer time shirt, great for themed Mermaid or "under the sea" parties, fun for family reunions, Summer camp craft time and more! Supplies Needed for Mermaid Scale Tie Dye Shirt: 100% Cotton Shirts One Step Tie Dye Kit (Shibori is perfect) Clear Glue Garbage Bag Cardboard Covered Work Space Step 1: Scales on the Shirt Begin by covering the cardboard in the garbage bag and inserting it in the shirt. Then use the clear glue to draw scales on the shirt. Lift the shirt away from the garbage bag and cardboard every once in a while to prevent the shirt from sticking to the cardboard. Once dry, you can turn the shirt over and continue the scales on the oth

Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Upcycled Craft DIY

Super Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack--Upcycled Craft DIY     I love upcycled crafts.  There is nearly nothing better than taking something destined for the landfill and turning into pure joy.  This Rocket Jet Pack is the perfect upcycled craft.   It's easy and quick to make!  You can add all the embellishments in the world, or just let it be the fuel for your child's imagination.    Perfect for party favors at a Space themed party, great to celebrate the lunar landing in 1969, or just to let a child whiz around the yard!       This craft promises to make you a better parent in less than 20 minutes.  There are days I am just rushing around, taking care of everything that I barely notice the people I love the most.   I know we've all been there.  This craft is the solution.  It doesn't take long and anyone can do it.  And the instant joy in your persons eyes is worth every minute!       With my son's imagination...I knew he needed some Jet