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Things that make me happy!

 Found these jars at the thrift store and stuffed  my cupcake liners into them!

Ham and Cheese Rolls!

 I used my 30 minute roll recipe... Then layered ham and cheese Roll it like a cinnamon roll...cut into thick  slices and put on cookie sheet...  Bake 400* for about 14 minutes.  Serve with Pizza sauce or Ranch dressing!

Chinese lion

 Found this Chinese lion at the thrift store for a dollar... It had googily eyes...I quickly removed them. I primed and painted it white. Perfect accessory.

Glitter Brads!

I cut corners where I can. I buy these gold brads 100 for 97 cents... Then I have the kids (hee hee) stick them into styrofoam...  I used cheap paint to paint them different colors. I could take it outside and just spray paint it... I use glitter paint on top!  Or straight glitter...  Once they dry...take them out and use them for everything!

Wooden sign inspiration!

 I made a bunch of inspirational signs for Christmas. I used an old desk top that we had at our business before it, free to me! I used clear contact paper...I had it for, free to me! Cut out a bunch of inspirational quotes:  Weeded them, used transfer paper to carefully  adhere them to the wood.  Then I used a stencil brush and cheap bottle paint that I had for to me! and glammed it up a bit. Peeled off the contact paper...  Sanded it a tad...then used a white wash and wiped it off fast for a whity-faded look...  I gave them to my mother-in-law and sisters...     True story.

Clock no more!

I found this curly clock at the thrift store... I like the idea of a clock, don't get me wrong... but the ticking gets to me after about a minute! So I ripped it apart. Painted it pink and glazed it for details...  Then stuck a mirror on it. Now it's just covered in fingerprints.

Chinese New Year--The Dragon!

Chinese New Year and My birthday in a perfect collision! The Year of the DRAGON!!! We started a week early with decorations! I had the 2 older kids make Chinese lanterns,  while #3 played angry birds... We made a ton of simple lanterns to hang... Then we made tissue paper pom poms... Take 8 layers of tissue paper and accordian fold them in about 2" strips. Then tie off the center with some yarn. Cut the edges rounded...then gently separate the layers of tissue paper! So easy and really fast! We hung everything up in the party room! Used my cameo to make an awesome  banner to string across the room! And we decorated with anything Asian or colorful! On Saturday (2 days before said party) the basement FLOODED again! Ahhh, we sucked up the water we could and enlisted the neighbors huge fan to help dry the place out! It blew down lots of our decor... But the show must go on. We had a fabulous spread! It is the Year of the Dragon! (