10 DIY Crowns Tiaras Plus How to Wear Them!

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How to make 10 DIY Crowns or Tiaras Plus How to Wear Them!

10 DIY Crowns Tiaras Plus How to Wear Them!

I love crowns. Every year on my birthday, (January 23rd, for those of you keeping track) I wear a tiara and make my kids address me as "your majesty". One year my birthday was on a Sunday, so I wore my crown to church. Several of the congregation also called me "princess", "royal highness" and similar names. It's fun and worth it...I mean really, who would get sick of the royal treatment? Not this girl.
Here are 10 fun crown and tiara DIY's, plus a full tutorial on how to attach a tiara to the head. These make great additions to Halloween costumes, or fun gifts for the holidays! Crowns are an everyday item. Which one is your favorite?

How to wear a Crown or Tiara
How to wear a crown or tiara

Hot Glue Tiara
This fun tiara is inspired by Lady Mary Crawley's wedding tiara on Downton Abbey.
Make a Downton Abbey inspired tiara out of hot glue

Princess Hennin
Pointy hats are the greatest! I used to make one out of paper to wear as a dress up when I was little.
Make a princess hennin or pointy hat for the perfect princess dress up party.

King Crown
A classic.
Make a king or queens crown with just a few supplies.

Flower Crown
I would wear flowers in my hair every day if I could get away with it!
How to make a flower wreath crown diy

Felt Rhinestone Tiara
This whimsical take on a crown is perfect for princess birthday party favors too!
Make a whimsical crown headband with felt and rhinestones.

Mermaid Crown
Excellent choice for the queen under the sea!
Mermaid inspired headband crown diy.

Pharaoh Mummy Crown
This cobra headdress is the perfect finishing touch to a mummy costume!
Make a cobra headdress for the perfect mummy costume.

Evil Queen Lace Crown
This was inspired by the Evil Queen, Regina, from Once Upon a Time...but a lace crown is delicate and sophisticated...and perfect for the non-evil varieties of queens.
Make a stunning crown or tiara out of delicate lace. Inspired by Once Upon a Time, Evil Queen, Regina.

Ice Princess Crown
Perfect crown for an Ice Princess...great for party favors too!
Make a Frozen inspired Ice Princess crown with felt and glitter paint. Easy diy and great party favor too

Rhinestone Headband Crown
Totally my favorite!
Make a rhinestone tiara or necklace.

Check out this post too--1920's themed Downton Abbey party--I wore the rhinestone headband as part of my costume:
Faux Bob hairstyle for a Downton Abbey Inspired 1920's Flapper Garden Party Girls Night and all the details on how to host your own!

That's it!

Which one do you like the best?

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How to make 10 DIY Crowns or Tiaras Plus How to Wear Them!

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