DIY Rhinestone Headband Tiara's and Necklaces!

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 DIY Rhinestone Headband Tiara's and Necklaces!
Fabulous Prom, Ball, Wedding or other Bombshell Red Carpet Formal wear!

It's easy to make fun dress up jewelry, crowns and tiaras out of felt,
fabric or recyclables for little girls.

But what about fancy or formal jewelry?   Maybe I watch way too much Downton Abbey, because everytime I do I want to wear rhinestones and tiaras!
That's my 2015 New Year's Resolution: Wear more Rhinestones...
and it's one I've been able to keep!

Tiara's and rhinestones can be pricy,
but I found a DIY version I think you'll love!
Sunshine Shoppe Supply sent me a package filled with lots of goodies to play with!
They have loads of fun "hair candy" supplies that are perfect for photoshoots and just for fun.
I was thrilled to make some jewelry pieces that I love and wear too!

You will need Rhinestone Crystal Trim or Rhinestone and Pearl Trim.
It runs about $25 for a yard of it or $14 for a half yard.
I only used between 12 and 18 inches of each.
Making this a BIG statement at an affordable price!
 My favorite is the tear drop.  These sections are an inch each!
12 inches wasn't quite enough to go all the way around my neck (I prefer 14-16 inch chokers)
So I used chain and a lobster clasp to make up the difference.
 On the backside of each tear drop is a little section of chain soldering one piece to the next.
There is a perfect section of chain to hook another chain too!
I use bulk chain from the craft store and a couple jump rings and
 a lobster clasp...again, found in any craft store in the jewelry section.
 Just hook it on with some jewelry pliers and it's ready to wear.
 Next I used a 12 inch section of Crystal Twist Rhinestones.
And silver fold over's on clearance for 25 cents a yard!
I used a needle and thread and stitched the rhinestones to the elastic,
 securing it in many places.
 You can see the backside is pretty sewn.
After sewing one side to the elastic, I put it on my head and measured how long it
 needed to be to get to the other side.  Then I cut it one inch shorter--since
 it's elastic and needs to stretch.
Then I sewed it on the other side.
 It's so sparkly and pretty!
 I did another one for a friend with the Double Bubble pearl trim.
 They are so shiny!
  Easy to wear and no headband headache!
Wear it Medieval Maiden style...
 Or as a headband!

 And last was the It's a Bling Thing Rhinestone trim!
I used a little bit more of this trim and made a longer necklace.
 Same technique as the other necklace...
Just hook on some chain and a clasp.
 Right through the rhinestone pattern.
 Short chain for the lobster clasp and then about 3 inches of chain
 to vary the desired length.
 I love how they look!
Great way to dress up for any formal Red Carpet event!
Gorgeous and makes a statement!
Keep this idea "pinned" for all those upcoming dances and weddings!

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