Mod Melts Mermaid Crown DIY!

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Mod Melts Mermaid Crown DIY!
This is such a simple crown to make for a Halloween costume or just for
a fun dress up accessory!

Story time:
We have generally struggled to make ends meet financially most of our married lives.  Mostly at Christmas time.  We have enough for essentials, but not extras.  Not a big deal.
Our kids have never complained.  We always get creative for Christmas, because expensive gifts just are not in the budget.  One year when my little girl was 4 or so, I spent hours sewing and gluing to make her the best dress up wardrobe that money couldn't buy!  I always have access to crafting supplies (if I don't have them, my mom does).
So I made headbands, crowns, necklaces and loads of simple dresses.  This was a big hit!  When she opened each gift, she tried the dress on.  It was perfect for her! Here's only 2 of the lot, with accessories I found at the thrift store.
When her friends came over to play the following years, there were always plenty of dress ups to go around!  They are super easy to make and require little skill. 
So, now my daughter is 12.  I'm not sure if the dress up gift idea will work this year, 
but I still do love getting her dressed up. She is so patient and puts up with being the only girl of the family.  At least she gets all my attention!  :)
So let's make a fun Mermaid Crown!
You will need:
Mod Melter
Mod Melts
Mod Molds
(I used Sea Life, Gems, Ornamental and Flowers)
Hot glue/gun

First I had the best time of my life and made tons of mod melt shapes.
They are so easy and fun to make.

Then I selected the ones I wanted for my mermaid crown.
You will need a metal headband, felt and hot glue/gun
I cut a symmetrical shape like this out of the felt.
This will double up over the headband and be the base for the shapes.
Hot glue the headband to the center of the felt.
Hot glue the edges and fold over onto itself.
This makes a strong enough base for the heavy pieces.
And it's cute like this!
You could go simpler and just add some of the gems!
Next, hot glue pieces onto the felt.
I just went with it and didn't over plan where I was going to put things.
I knew I wanted the little star fish to be on the top layer, so I stuck seashells,
gems and shapes down first and them layered the stars.
Let it cool and wear it around town!
I love the look of this!
Picture perfect for a lady of the sea!

Check out this Steampunk mermaid costume too!
(and Mod Melts has a sTeamPunk mold!)
All she needs is a crown!

And check out this Harry Potter Fat Lady Necklace I made with Mod Melts!

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I like Hailee's sweater, looks great on her. :)