Egyptian King Mummy Costume!

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 Mummy Costume!
Simple DIY kid Halloween costumes are my favorite!
My son wants to be a mummy!
Perfect for us...we have tons of wrappings...
but I thought more of an Egyptian King we need a headdress!
 I got a King Cobra at the dollar store.
 And cut his head off.
I used gold rub 'n buff and coated it in gold.
 I made a headband with some strips of leather and some elastic.
The real thing is that I didn't have enough to make it one piece,
so I pieced it together to look intentional.
Then I used a leather punch, cat gut and needle to stitch the snake on the headband.
 The hole punch makes perfect holes in the rubber snake.
I lined it up and marked the leather.
Then I punched holes through the leather and sewed the snake to the center!
 It's thick waxed string, so it will hold tight!
 Then I added Rub 'n Buff to the entire leather headband.
 And let it dry completely.
 Then we used E6000 to glue gemstones all over the headpiece.
He's a king, so he needs a ton of them!
 He was thrilled about it!
I think it's the perfect finishing touch!
We added a simple cape too, because he's the coolest mummy to walk the earth...
and I don't go half way on things...and I guess we'll get pictures on Halloween!

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