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DIY Downton Abbey Inspired Wedding Tiara!

I absolutely love and adore Downton Abbey.
And...obviously can't afford all the tiara's I'd like.
  Okay...Here's the thing.
For a little lady, it's so nice to be able to made fun
headbands and tiaras and not spend much.
 Here's how to make a simple and nearly free one.
Use a silicone mat and hot glue.
 After it cools completely,
spray paint it and let it dry.

Then hot glue on some rhinestones.

 I used elastic lace and wrapped it on an open
 leaf and hot glued it in place.
 Perfect for a costume!

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1 comment:

Stacy McDermott said...

This is really clever and so effective. If you hadn't read the tutorial you'd never have guessed it was silicone glue. Great idea, I've added it to my favourites on my perfect party hat post http://www.stylemyparty.co.uk/blog/perfect-party-hats/ take a peek, hope you like it!

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